Caleb6 (James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2)

180. Caleb6 (James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born 1759/60, died after 1810, and before 1820, as he is enumerated in 1810 in Meredith beside son Benjamin, but by 1820 he is not present, but son Jona. and "Widow Abigail" are enumerated beside each other in Gilford, New Hampshire. By 1830 Jonathan, Benjamin M., Elijah are all back in Meredith, but there is no enumeration indicating Widow Abigail. No evidence of  Abigail's maiden name have been found, but an interesting sidenote, in both 1810 and 1820 the direct neighbors in both years are CHASE and LONGLEY but not the same inviduals in each listing.  Caleb served Captain Taylor's Company, Col. Thomas Stickney's Regiment of General Starks Brigade in 1777, and as a Continental recruit in 1780, alongside his father in the Revolutionary War, for which a military flag has been placed at his gravesite. (see military file) He is buried in Meredith, New Hampshire beside Polly PEABODY "Quimby Wife", on the other side of Polly is Benj. M.7 Quimby. The cemetery transcription notes two dates, 1800 and 1813 are found on the stone. In the 1810 Census living next door to Caleb's father, James5 Quimby is one Allen PEABODY, son of Asa & Susannah (Perley) PEABODY, most probably Polly's brother. Polly PEABODY, daughter of Asa was born in 1788.


I. Ben M.7 Quimby,
born 1793;
II. Elijah7 Quimby, born 1794;
III. Jonathan7 Quimby
, born 1784;
IV. ?James7 Quimby, born betw. 1780-1790
V. ?Mary7 Quimby, born July 28, 1788,
 Hugh BLAISDELL "of East Kingston" to Meredith, NH.


Caleb Quimby of Meredith, NH Benjamin M Quimby of Meredith, NH

           Caleb Quimby                         Benjamin M. Quimby
     (1759/60 - betw. 1810 & 1820)                                         (1793-1856)
                                                                                   Died Sept. 2, 1856/AE 63/Our Father

Benjmain M.7 Quimby
(Caleb6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), buried beside Polly (Peabody) Quimby and Caleb6 Quimby in Meredith, New Hamsphire. According to the Cemetery transcription Benjamin M. Quimby died September 2, 1856, aged 63, so he was born in 1792/3 in New Hampshire. After much study and consideration it appears that Polly PEABODY, who died in 1813 was the first wife of Benjamin M.7 Quimby.

 Benjamin later married Hannah Weston PARKMAN, daughter of Noah & Hannah (Weston) PARKMAN.The family Bible of Benjamin and Hannah (Parkman) Quimby lists his date of birth as May 28, 1793 in New Hampshire, date of marriage as May 24, 1817 and his date of death as September 2, 1856 in Meredith, New Hampshire, and.the family Bible lists Hannah's date of birth as June 24, 1799 in Palmyra, Maine and her date of death as August 4, 1868.

 Hannah is buried in the Edson Cemetery in  Lowell, Massachusetts, but Benjamin is buried in Meredith, New Hamsphire, alongside Polly and father Caleb.

Benjamin M.7 Quimby served in the War of 1812, in the 2nd Regiment (Osgood's) Massachusetts Militia - see Roster for full details.

In 1860 Hannah sold a land warrant in Chatfield, Fillmore, Minnesota, issued  for Benjamin's service in the War of 1812.
(see Military Documents for image viewing)  

[THANK YOU to Peggy
for so kindly sharing the detailed family data
from the Family Bible
of Benjamin M.7 & Hannah (Parkman) Quimby


By first wife:

I. Josiah P.8 Quimby, b. 1810, in Standish, Cumberland, Me.

~married first~
[md. April 20, 1834 , both of Wayne, Kennebec, Maine]

~married second~
Sarah Bryant WENTWORTH
[married November 11, 1840 at Limington, York, Maine]
[1840 at Limington, York, Maine]
[1850 living in Limington, York, Maine with LARRABEE family]
[1850 2 children living in Limington, York, Maine with grandparents:
Benjamin and Eliza (Flood) WENTWORTH]
[1860 living Burr Oak, Winneshiek, Iowa beside a MANNING family]
[Feb. 1860 assigned land in Iowa from George ANDERSON who
had served in Capt. Manning's Georgia militia - Creek  War]
[Note that Winneshiek, Iowa abuts Fillmore county, Minnesota,
I suspect he was there to handle Hannah (Parkman) Quimby's
 land transaction in Fillmore county also in 1860]


i. George Franklin9 Quimby
, born 1842, Maine;
ii. Eliza Ann9 Quimby, born 1844, NH.
Davenport D. MESERVE
[son of Ezra & Sophronia (Bean) MESERVE;
they settled in Brownfield, Oxford, Maine]
[Frederick L. & Franklin MESERVE]

by second wife:

Caroline8 Quimby, b. Jan. 8, 1818, Bloomfield or Palmyra, Maine,
and died 1898 at home in Westford, Mass.

 Leander TAGGART,
1841 at Lowell, Mass.,
. Josephine TAGGART,  m. Albert L. FISH;
ii.  Charles TAGGART
, m. Andelucia C. ROBINSON.

III. Noah Parkman8 Quimby, b. Feb. 24, 1819, Palmyra, Maine;

IV. James Matten8 Quimby, born March 2, 1821, Palmyra, Maine,
died Oct. 7, 1891.
[living 1870 in Bennington, Hillsborough, NH]
 Mrs. Juliette MANNING
i. Charlotte9 Quimby, born 1845
ii. George P.9 Quimby,  born 1849
~step children~

V. Thomas Laney8 Quimby, born Oct. 19, 1823 Palmyra, Somerset, Maine,
 Caroline BOYCE
md. March 28, 1847
i. Caroline E.9 Quimby
, b. 1851, d. 1851;
ii.Charles E.9 Quimby, b. 1852, m. Edith unknown;
iii. Carrie Bell9 Quimby, b. 1866, d. 1867 - twin;
iv. Bertie Fenton9 Quimby, b. 1866, d. 1867 - twin.

VI. Alonzo P.8 Quimby,
born Feb. 23, 1827 Meredith, New Hampshire,
died 1909 in Lowell, Mass.
August 27, 1847 at Lowell
 Roxana WILLIAMS of Stanstead, P. Q.
i. Clara Roxana9 Quimby
, b. 1852, d. 1883,
~Mrs. Charles Edwin LEWIS~;
ii. Caroline9 Quimby, b. 1856,  d. 1856;
iii.  son9 Quimby, b. 1857, Lowell, Mass.;
iv. Lilla E.9 Quimby, b. 1859, d. 1905,
~Mrs. Joseph E. BLOOD~

1862, Chelmsford, Mass.
 Susan A Jane Benton COBURN
i. Lola9 Quimby
., b. 1866, d. 1867;
ii. Grace G.9 Quimby, b. 1868, d. 1931,
~Mrs. Henry W. HARVEY~

VII. Abel R. P.8 Quimby
, born June 8, 1832,
died March 28, 1834;

VIII. Albert8 F. Quimby,
born March 10, 1835, Meredith, New Hamsphire,
died May 6, 1884, Lowell, Mass.(suicide).
[enumerated in 1850 in household of Dearborn FOSS at Meredith]
Rosette J. JENNESS
i. Albert9 Quimby, Jr.
, b. 1857, Mass.;
ii. Nellie9 Quimby, b. 1868, NH;
iii. Rosette F.9 Quimby, b. 1859, NH;
iv. Alice9 Quimby, b. 1861, NH;
v. Rosie9 Quimby, b. 1869, NH

IX. Abigail A.8 Quimby, born May 10, 1837;

X.  ?Augustus8 Quimby,
born 1837.
[**NOT mentioned in the Family Bible,
[enumerated in 1850 in household of  Ira PARKER at Meredith]
[1860 living in Toulumne, California, mining]

XI. ?Almira8 Quimby, born 1845,
married Mr. TOWNSEND
[cited on 1880 census as" Sister", in household of Alonzo P.8  Quimby
but probably a Sister-in-law]

One Loose note from Family Bible:
Nellie LYONS died May 17, 1912

[**The Family Bible does NOT include Josiah P.8 Quimby, although I have a separate submission that attatches him to this family. He is cited as being born in 1809/10 in Standish, Cumberland, Maine. I surmise he may be a child from an earlier marriage to Polly PEABODY. Also note his MANNING neighbors and his location in 1860 is adjacent to the county where Hannah sells a land warrant during the same year. I will continue to research more on Josiah8 and Augustus8  so that we may resolve the conflicting data ~ Dee~]

Elijah7 Quimby
(Caleb6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2) Elijah Quimby, born between 1790 and 1800 and reared by James6 Quimby, after the death of Caleb. First spouse was Sarah FOWLER, she born in Wakefield and he married Salley/Sarah ROBINSON, March 19, 1826. He is enumerated from Meredith, New Hampshire, enumerated on the 1836 census of Laconia, with the last entry  with Elijah living is 1840 in Meredith, New Hampshire, by 1850 Sally/Sarah is the head of household in Meredith and by 1860 the children are all living in the household of Alvah and Caroline HARRIS.


I. daughter8 Quimby, born between 1810 and 1820;
II. Eliza8 Ann Quimby, b. 1827, Laconia, d. 1894 Malden, Mass.;

III. Elizabeth8 W. Quimby, born 1836, res. Malden, Mass.

IV. Ashley8 R. Quimby, born 1840, d. 1888 Laconia, NH;
V. Clara8 Quimby, born 1843.

Jonathan7 Quimby
(Caleb6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2),  Jonathan Quimby, born 1784,  reared by James6 Quimby, after the death of Caleb. Living beside "Widow Abigail" Quimby in Gilford, New Hamsphire in 1820 with one son under 10 and one daughter under 10. Married Polly DOCKHAM, daughter of Thomas DOCKHAM. Jonathan7 died at Meredith June 18, 1869, age 85 and Polly died Sept. 23, 1870, aged 79.
(See SMITH Cemetery, Meredith, NH)


I. ?John8 Quimby, born 1817
[living in Meredith 1850 -  including Nancy STEVENS aged 17,
and 2 doors down from Benjamin Quimby aged 61]
[living in Moultonborough 1860]
i. Frank K.9 Quimby,
b. 1844
ii. George9 E. Quimby,
b. 1846
iii. Leander9 A. Quimby,
b. 1849
iv. Sylvester9 Quimby
v. Ermina9 Quimby
vi. ?William J.9 Quimby
Charlotte PASS

II. Daughter8 Quimby, born between 1810 and 1820;

III. Peter8 Quimby,
born 1825;

IV. Benjamin8 B. Quimby,
born 1828,  died Dec. 28, 1884
[living in Meredith 1880]
Martha  PAGE
[dau of Jonathan and Susannah (Currier) PAGE]
 i. J. Page9 Quimby, b. 1876
~md. 2~

James7 Quimby
(Caleb6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born between 1780 and 1790. Probably the James Quimby who married Sally/Sarah STEVENS, August 20, 1820 at Meredith, New Hampshire.
 1830 see East Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire, James is enumerated aged 40-50 with one male aged 10-15, and spouse aged 40-50 and one female aged 10-15 and one female under 5. Enumerated between Martha SMITH and Jeremiah BLASDEL. Not found after the 1830 census.


I. ?John8 Quimby
born between 1815 - 1820;
(see entry for John8, b. 1817 above);

II. Daughter8 Quimby,
born between 1815 - 1820;
III. Daughter8 Quimby,
born between 1825 - 1830;
IV. James M.8 Quimby,
b. 1831, Kingston, d. 1894 Brentwood
~married first~
~married second~
Mary Luella COTTON
~child by Sarah~
i. Harry9 Quimby, b. 1865, d. 1865, Plaistow;
~child by Mary~
ii. Frank Ellsworth9 Quimby, b. 1867 Plaistow, d. 1890 Brentwood.

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