Daniel Clark6

(Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2)

133. Daniel Clark6 Quimby (Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born 1751 at Exeter, New Hampshire, married at Lebanon, Maine to Betty/Betsy CORSON, and he died in Mercer, Maine.

MAINE GENEALOGIES 1750-1892, by G. W. Chamberlain, 1892

DANIEL CLARK QUIMBY was earlist mentioned in Rev. Isaac Hasey's Diary, 20 Apr. 1774. Mr. Hasey wrote a lease from Moses Corson to Daniel C. Quimby   25 May 1775 and a deed from Solomon Hartford to Daniel C. Quimby 7 Aug. 1775. Daniel Quimby was putting up fence on lot No. 28 for Mr. Hasey 6 May 1775. On 14 June 1776 he requested pryers for himself bound into ye army. On 27 Jan. 1777, Mr. Hasey writes "D. Quimby moved." He did not move out of town. He lived on top of Gerrish's Hill on the east side of the road nearly opposite the place where the Charles S. Orrell buildings stood. It is now a part of Charles b. Goodwin's woodlot. 22 Oct. 1780, Mr. Hasey wrote "Betty Quimby owned ye Covenant and was admitted into ye Church." On 7 May 1782, Mr. Hasey wrote a deed from Lemuel Corson to D. C. Quimby and charged 4s 6d." 5 Jan. 1784, Mr. Hasey "visited and prayed with Mrs. Quimby." 1 Sept. 1785, Beniah Door gave a deed to Daniel Quimby. 31 July 1785, Daniel Quimby requested prayers for his wife's safe deliverance in child birth. 8   Feb. 1787 Mr. Hasey wrote "Baptized Edmund son of Daniel Clark Quimby." Apparently he removed from town between 1788 and 1790. His wife was Betsey..........was churched 31 July 1785.


I. Child7 Quimby, buried Jan 4, 1784;
II. Rebecca7 Quimby, bapt. March 22, 1785 at Lebanon, Maine,
married James HARNDEN in 1801 at Fryeburg, Me.;

III. Hannah7 Quimby, bapt. March 22, 1785 at Lebanon, Maine;
IV. John7 Quimby,
bapt. March 22, 1785 at Lebanon, Maine;
V. Daniel7 Quimby, bapt. Nov. 6, 1785 at Lebanon, Maine;
VI. Edmund7 Quimby, born August, 24, 1788 at Lebanon, Maine.
[Daughter7 Quimby buried January 6, 1787]


John7 Quimby (Daniel Clark6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), baptized March 22, 1785 at Lebanon, Maine.

Daniel7 Quimby
(Daniel Clark6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born July 10, 1785,  baptized November 6, 1785 at Lebanon, Maine, married first to Elizabeth "Betty" HAYES, daughter of Elihu and Esther Lord (Jones) HAYES September 14, 1811 at Lebanon, Maine,she died in 1839, and Daniel married second Eunice WOOD, May 21, 1840. Daniel died January5/6, 1858 in Lebanon, Me.

[NOTE:  according to The Soldiers of the American Revolution, of Lebannon, Maine, by G. W. Chamberlain, Daniel7 Quimby was apprenticed out as a tailor to Daniel CORSON and was married at Rochester, New Hampshire in 1800 to Susanna MURRAY and he then removed to Milton, New Hampshire. As you can see from his later marriages, all births are still shown in Lebanon, Maine. For further documentation of Daniel Quimby who married Susanna MURRAY see son of #137. Daniel6 Quimby [Daniel6, Eliphalet5, Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2]. ]


by first marriage:

I. Orrin8 Quimby, b. June 25, 1812, Lebanon, Me.;
II. Elizabeth8 Quimby, b. March 24, 1814, Lebanon, Me.,
married James LIBBY, son of Mark& Olive (Lord) LIBBY;
III. Melinda8 Quimby, b. Jan. 14, 1816, Lebanon, Me. - twin;
IV. Metcalf8 Quimby, b. Jan. 14, 1816, Lebanon, Me. - twin ;
V. Esther8 Quimby, b. Sept. 2, 1819, Lebanon, Me., d. 1826;
VI. Daniel W.8 Quimby, b. August 14, 1822, Lebanon, Me.
married Laura A. W. JONES;
VII. Salome A.8 Quimby, b. Dec. 19, 1824, Lebanon, Me.;
VIII. John Quincy A.8 Quimby, b. April 5, 1827, Lebanon, Me.;
IX. Elihu Hayes8 Quimby, b. April 12, 1830, Lebanon, Me.;

by second marriage:

X. John Orrin8 Quimby, b. April 17, 1841, Lebanon, Me.;
XI. Charles Quincy9 Quimby, b. Feb. 29, 1844, Lebanon, Me.;
XII. Betsy Esther8 Quimby, b. Nov. 11, 1845, Lebanon, Me.;
XIII. James Loring8 Quimby, b. May 17, 1850, Lebanon, Me.;
XIV. Peter8 Quimby, b. 1851;
XV. Lillia8 Quimby, b. Jan. 19, 1855, Lebanon, Me.;
?XVI. Virgil Paris8 Quimby.

Edmund7 Quimby
(Daniel Clark6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born August 24, 1788 at Lebanon, Maine.


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