Darius C. Quinby

(born July 13,1814 in New York
died after 1900 Hall, Nebraska)

[parentage not yet known, believed to be living in household
of Levi Quimby 1820 in Rome, Onieda, NY]

 Census Extractions
including notes:

Oneida, New York

Darius C. QUIMBY aged 20-30
1 femlae aged 20-30
1 female under 5

Indian Lands,
Marquette, Wisconsin

D. C. QUIMBY, 36, NY
Susan, 28, NY [nee OSBORN]
Mary, 13, NY
Levi, 10, WI
Jane, 7, WI
Daniel, 6, WI

Jones, Iowa

D. C. QUIMBY, 45, NY
Susan, 40, NY
Lucy A., 17, WI
Levi, 15, WI
George, 11, WI
Albert, 8, IA
William L., 1, IA

Jones, Iowa

Darius C. QUINBY, 65 (55)
Susan, 46, NY
Albert, 19, IA
William, 9, IA
Thomas, y, IA

George QUINBY, 23, WI
Mattie, 21, ILL
Frank, 10 months, ILL

Steel City,
Jefferson, Nebraska

Darias C. QUINBY, 69, NY
Susanna, 64
Thomas, 20
*Frank, 9

[*son of George & Mattie - see 1870 census entry]

Jones, Iowa

Levi C. QUINBY, 34, NY
Mary, 35, OH
Jessie, 6, IA
Earl, 2 months, IA

George QUINBY, 33, WI
Maggie, 32, IA
Louisa, 12, MO
Gusta, 3, IA
Ameral, 1, IA

East Galena,
Jo Daviess, Illinois

**Albert QUIMBY, 28, IA
Sarah, 26, ME
Maggie, 6, IA
Eve, 3, ILL
D. MARTIN, 80, ME [mother in law]

[**Death records for Albert QUIMBY and children as follows:

born:  abt. 1852 Monticello, Iowa
died:  1-30-1900 Rockland, Knox, Maine
aged: 48y, 4m, 25 d
son of: Darius QUIMBY and Susan OSBORN
spouse: Eva (MARTIN) QUIMBY

born: abt. 1881
died: 11-4-1906 Friendship, Knox, Maine
daughter of Albert QUIMBY born Monticello, Iowa and Eva MARTIN born Rockland, Maine

Ida Delores QUIMBY
born: abt. 1885 Monticello, Iowa
died: 11-8-1909 Rockland, Knox, Maine
aged: 24y 4m 14d
daughter of Albert H. QUIMBY born Monticello, Iowa and Sarah E. MARTIN born Rockland, Maine.]

~Other Quimby's in Rockland, Maine see Elisha T. Quimby~

Hall, Nebraska

Soldiers Home

Darius C. QUINBY, 86, NY - widowed

[Darius C. QUINBY served in Co. F., 37th Iowa Infantry]

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