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Two very special persons
whom I never had the chance
to give a proper
Good bye or

I wish she could have seen for many, many more years,
and most of all I wish
 she could have seen and smelled,
the hedge of roses
 that were planted
 just for her.


Vaughn H. DYKE
born July 25, 1909
died November 30, 1970
married Moselle Mary WILLIAMS

Moselle Mary WILLIAMS
born March 27, 1915
died May 21, 1965

     Vaughn H. DYKE                                           Moselle Mary WILLIAMS

was the son of                                                        was the daughter of

James M. & Lydia M. (unknown) DYKE          Grover & Sarah P. (Dennis) WILLIAMS

was the son of                                                                was the son of

    John C. & Susan (Edwards) DYKE                                     unknown WILLIAMS   

                         was the son of                                                                was the son of                               

Heronymus & Mary Ann (Chambers) DYKE       
                     unknown WILLIAMS            

was the son of                                                 
                was the son of 
                        Henry & Jane (McCally/Delaney) DYKE                               unknown WILLIAMS                                             

was the son of                                                                 was the son of  

                                      Heironymus & Anna Margaretha (Roller) DYCHE                      unknown WILLIAMS                                                                                       


Census listings

Dallas, TX

42, AL, widowed )dad b. GA, mom b. AL)
Mozelle, 14, GA (dad b. AL, mom b. AL)
Francis, 9, TX
Ralph, 2, TX

next door:

Lance ELLISON, 69, SC, widowed
with widowed daughter May WILLIAMS, aged 34

[1920 Elias "Lance" F. ELLISON,  widowed,  living in Dallas, TX with large family,
 including daughter  May, aged 32  and her daughter Maud WILLIAMS, aged 9]

[ 1910 Eli F. ELLISON., aged 50, b. SC living in Grayson, TX with large family,
including daughter Mae, aged 24 and her daughter Maud WILLIAMS, aged 2

Red River, TX

Von DYKE, aged 19, born TX
living in household of  Isaac C. FORD & family

7th Pct., Dallas, TX

Grover A. WILLIAMS, 31, b. AL (dad b. AL, mom b. AL)
Sallie, 30, AL (dad b. GA, mom b. AL)
Moselle 4y 12m, b. GA
[indexed as George A. instead of Grover A.]

Red River, TX

James M. DYKE, 57, b. MO (dad b. GA, mom b. GA)
Lydia M., 45, b. TX
Gracie, 18, b. TX
James A.[lbert], 16, TX
Von H., 10, b. TX

Red River, TX

James M. DYKE,
47, MO
Libbie, 26, TX
Ellen, 18, b. TX
Cloa, 16, TX
Martha, 14, TX
Mary, 12, TX
Mable, 11, TX
Gracy, 8, TX
Albert, 6, TX
Vaughn, 8 months, b. TX

Red River, TX

James M. DYKE,
38, MO
Lydia M., 25
Ellen, 7
Cloa, 6
Martha, 4
Mary, 3
Mabel, 11 months

Levy N. DYKE, 46, MO
[by 1910 Levi N. DYKE, second wife and family
living in Scott county Arkansas]

Christian, MO

Mary A. DYKE,
77, NC [nee CHAMBERS]
[living with daughter Mary and her husband and family]

J. H. DYKE, 45, TN [James H.]
Martha E., 43, ILL
Mary, 14
Elizabeth, 12
Polly, 4
James L.,4 months

Susan E. DYKE - DEAN
[Susan (Edwards) DYKE
 remarried to Mr. F. M. DEAN
with her sons Francis and William
as well as a new son George W. DEAN]

Hot Springs, Garland, Arkansas 

Lee DIKE, 28, MO [Levi N.]
M. E., 24, MO [first spouse]
James, 16, MO, brother

Linn twp., Christian, MO

Heronious DYK
, 70, VA
Mary A., 67, NC [nee CHAMBERS]

H. C. DYKE, 18, MO
Susan, 20
[by 1880 H. C. DYKE is living in Rains county, TX]

Susan DYKE,
32, MO
Levi N., 15, MO
Martha, 14, MO
Synthia, 10, MO
James. 7, MO
Francis, 3, MO
William M., 1, MO

James H. DYCK, 39, MO
Martha, 43, ILL
Mary L., 4, ILL
Elizabeth, 2, MO

Linn twp., Christian, MO

Hyronomous DYKE,
61, VA
Lydia, 24, TN
James, 18, MO
Mary, 15, MO

next door:

J. C. DYKE, 33, TN
Susanna, 25, MO [nee Edwards]
H. C., 8, MO
L. N. 5, MO
Martha, 3, MO
Cynthia, 1, MO
James H. DYKE, 25, TN, brother


Patentees of Christian Missouri:


Jan. 15, 1855:  N1/25W-25N20W sect. 31
Oct, 10, 1857:  SESE - 25N21W sect. 36
June 1, 1859:  NESE - 25N21W sect. 36


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