Eleazer Quimby


The Roster of the 10th Regiment
Col. Abraham Shephard

These rosters will contain the names of the North Carolina soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

This is a roster of known soldiers from the 10th Regiment-Col. Abraham Shepard

The 10th North Carolina Regiment was authorized on April 17, 1777 as an unit

of the North Carolina State Troops named Sheppard's Regiment. The regiment

was organized from 19 April to 1 July 1777 at Kinston, North Carolina from men

from the northeastern region of the state of North Carolina and was adopted and

assigned to the main Continental Army on 17 June 1777 as Sheppard's Additional

Continental Regiment. The regiment did not see any action. The regiment was

disbanded on June 1, 1778 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Quinby, Eleazer, Pt.
July 4, 1776
3 years
Discharged 30 July 1779 


Eleamus Quimby


The Roll of Captain Clement Hall's Company
2nd NC Batallion

CLARK'S STATE RECORDS (Pages 506-507) Roll of Capt. Clement Hall's Company, in the 2nd Battalion Commanded by John Patton, White Plains, Sept. 9, 1778.

Quinby, Eleamus
May 4, 1776
2.5 years
(no Discharge entry)