(Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2)

132. Eliphalet6 Quimby (Daniel5, John5, John3, Robert2), born 1749 at Exeter, New Hamsphire, married Mehitable GILMAN, removed to Wakefield, New Hampshire, where he died about 1795, as his Estate was probated in October of 1795 [see following exerpt]:

Abstracts of the Probate Records of Strafford County, N.H.
page 132:
(551) Quimby, Eliphalet[1]. Est. Wakefield husbm. decd. intestate. (5/40) Admin. 10/8/1795. Adm. Eliphalet Quimby[2], Wakefield husbm. Bond: $3000. Sureties: Daniel HALL, Wakefield esq. & Daniel Evans[2], Gilmanton husbm. (5/25-26) Inv. Comm.: Maj. Daniel Hall; Avery Hall, esq. & Isaac fellows. Appraised: 11/2/1795. Value: L113..8.6, equal to $378.08. Oaths: 11/20/1795 A. Hall & D. Hall to David Copp, JP. Allowed 12/4/1705. (5/77-78) Div. Comm.: Jonathan palmer, thomas cloutman, isaac fellows, john gilman [2?] & William chamberlain. to divide the real est. divisees: THe widow; Ebenezer gavin who purchased 4 shares in six; methiable quimby, dau. widow quimby; & Jonathan quimby. Returned 5/26/1796. Oaths: Plamer, cloutman, fellows & chamberain to david copp, jp. allowed: 9/3/1796. Note: The comm. stated: "notified all parties & Heard their allegations." (5/90-92) account. By: Eliphalet QUimby[2], adm. allowed: 9/3/1796.
(552) Quimby, Jonathan (1796). Wakefield minor over 14, son Eliphalet Quimby (1),   wakefield, husbm. decd. intestate. (5/108) Gdp. 4/20/1796. Gdn Eliphalet quimby[2], wakefield, husbm. bond: $1,000. sureities: Daniel hall& benjamin jall, both of wakefield.
(553) Quimby, mehitabel (1796). wakefield minor under 14, dau. eliphalet quimby[1], wakefield husbm. decd. intestate. (5/108)gdp. 5/10/1796. gdn.: Eliphalet quimby[2], wakefield husbm. bond: $1,000. sureties daniel hall & benjamin hall, both of wakefield.


I. Dorothy7 Quimby
, born about 1765,
 Nathaniel WILLEY
II. Eliphalet7 Quimby, born about 1774;
III. Jonathan7 Quimby, born betwn. 1782-1794;
IV. Mehitable7 Quimby, born betwn. 1782-1799 ~see below~
1. Jonathan FOGG
2. Caleb CLOUGH


Eliphalet7 Quimby
(Eliphalet6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born about 1774, married Betsey WILLEY. Removed to Athens, Maine after the death of his father.

[NOTE: further detail of descendants of Eliphalet7 Quimby is kindly and gratefully credited to the hard work of Merva Nevin, please refer to her book The Seed of Eliphalet Quimby . Detail data will be streamlined at this point, and included in depth only by personal request of descendants.


i. Gilman8 Quimby, born 1801;
ii. Lovinia8 Quimby, born 1805,

iii. William Willey8 Quimby, born 1807;
iv. Hepzibah8 Quimby, born about 1808,

v. Alvin8 Quimby, born 1809;
vi. Josiah W.8 Quimby, born 1811.

Mehitable7 Quimby
(Eliphalet6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born about 1799, married first, March 15, 1821 to Jonathan FOGG, both listed  'of Clinton (Maine)', and married second, May 1, 1844 at Athens, Somerset, Maine to Caleb CLOUGH (his second wife). Caleb served in the 33 US Infantry in the War of 1812. In 1850 Mehitable and Caleb are living in Moscow, Somerset, Maine, in the housefold of Alpheus B. WHITE and family. They are still present in Moscow in 1860, he aged 78 and she aged 60. By 1870 Mehitable, aged 73, is living in Moscow with James B. MESSER and wife Elvira, but Caleb is not present, and  there is also a (double) entry for a Mehitable CLOUGH, aged 73 also living in Buxton, York, Maine with Charles CLOUGH, she listed as mother, and in 1880 she is aged 84 living in Hollis, York, Maine still with Charles and family.

[**NOTE: It is unclear at this time if the later two entries from York county are the same Mehitable CLOUGH, research is ongoing. ~Dee~]

***The missing pieces that allowed the family connection for Mehitable was kindly provided by Mary Miller, without whom, we would  merely have another brick wall still standing!

Jonathan7 Quimby
(Eliphalet6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born between 1782 and 1794, was living with his brother Eliphalet7 in Athens, Maine as late as 1810, but not present in 1820.


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