73. Ephraim5 Quimby

73. EPHRAIM5 [JAMES4, JOSIAH3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1]-born 1724 at Crum's Pond, married Elizabeth PEPPER, Jan. 17, 1760, Cong. Ch. New Fairfield, CT-
     She of New Fairfield, he of Patten. who lived  in Rensselaer county, New York and had sons:

211. I. James6 Quimby;
212  II. John6 Quimby;
213. III. Elnathan6 Quimby;
214. IV. Darius6 Quimby;
215. V. Ephraim6 Quimby;
216. VI. Levi6 Quimby.

---------------------------6th Generation-------------------------

211. JAMES6 [EPHRAIM5, JAMES4, JOSIAH3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1]  married Hannah BURDUFF, May 1, 1786 at the Congregational Church at New Fairfield, CT.

    [1786: m. Hannah BURDUFF, May, 1, 1786, Cong. Church, New Fairfield, CT]
    [1790: Stephentown, Albany, NY]
    [1810: Nassau, Rennsalaer, NY, **ISRAEL QUINBY, aged 45+, 1f 45+, 1f 10-16]
    [1820: Sandlake, Rennsalaer, NY 45+, 1m 18-26, 1m 10-16, 1 m<10, 1f 45+,  2f 10-16]
[sons Daniel, b. 1794, David M., b. 1802, Amos, b. 1805]
[1827: Sandlake, Rennsalaer, NY, James Quimby died]
[1830:  Troy, Rennsalaer: Amos Quimby  + wife and son -see son aged 10-16 in 1820 above]
[1840: Ontario, Wayne, NY, A.N or  M. Quimby + 3 sons and wife]
[1850:  Ontario, Wayne, NY, Amos Quimbee and family - spouse Serena Caroline NICHOLES]
[1860:  Spring, Crawford, Pennsyavania: Amos Quimby and family]

212. JOHN6  

**Revolutionary War Soldier**
     [1800: Shodack, Rennsalaer, NY aged 26-45, 1f 26-45, 1f under 10]
     [1810: Nassau, Rennsalaer, NY aged 26-45, 1f 26-45, 1f 10-16, 3f<10]
[1820: Bergen, Genesee, NY, 1f 26-44, 1f 16-25 next door: Almon & Abner LOVEJOY]
     [1830: Byron, Genessee, NY, aged 76, 3m 20-30, 1m5-10, 1f 70-80]
     [1840: Byron, Genessee, NY, aged 86, in household of John WHIMLEY]

[EPHRAIM5, JAMES4, JOSIAH3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1]  born  abt. 1763, d. August, 7, 1844, m. Catherine ----------- , she b. 1770 -[see 1850 Census] Elnathan died in Columbus, Warren, PA and is buried in PineValley cemetery, headstone reads he died August 7, 1844 in his 81st year, with a Revolutionary War service flag at his grave. Beside him is Famyan Quinby, consort of A. D. Quimby [his son]. Her stone Reads she died April 7, 1840 aged 27 years.

    [1800: Shodack, Rennsalaer, NY aged 45+, 1 male 16-26,  1f 45+. 1f under 10]
     [1810: Chatham, Columbia, NY aged 26-45, 3 males < 10, 1f 26-45. 2f 10-16, 1f<10]
     [1820: Nassau, Rennsalaer, NY aged 45+, 1m 10-16, 1f 45+, 2f 10-16, 2f<10]
     [1840: Columbus, Warren, PA]
     [1840: Columbus, Warren, PA:
                 Elnathan QUIMBY
                 A. D. QUIMBY]
     [1840: Freehold, Warren, PA: Morris QUIMBY]
     [1850: Columbus, Warren, PA:
                Catherine QUIMBY, aged 80, b. Mass., widow-house#1142
                Anson D. QUIMBY,42, b. PA, blacksmith-house# 1142 [d. Dowagiac, Cass MI]
                Angeline, 22, b. NY [nee WHEELER]
                Lovisa, 6, b. PA

                Lois, 4, b. PA [Lois Hannah] [m. Victor WALLACE, rem. To Page, Cass, ND]
                Rosetta, 3, b. PA
                Roxanna, 1, b. PA [m. George NORTHRUP]
                Jared IRWIN, 28, laborer
     [Morris QUIMBY detail:
 1830: at Busti, Chautaugua, NY 20-30, 1f 15-20
           1840: at Freehold, Warren, PA-see above
      1860 at Conneaut, Erie, PA
           1880 at Agency, Wapello, IA [76, b. NY, Dad b. Can,
                Mom b. NY, wife Harriet S. aged 68, b. NY]

     [Anson D/B QUINBY, b. 1807 detail:
     1840: Columbus, Warren, PA, beside father Elnathan
     1850: Columbus, Warren, PA, w/ wife Angeline & family,  +  mother Catherine
     1860: Wayne twp, Cass, MI, listed A. D. Quimby, 52, b. NY, Sylvia, 34, b. NY,
               Louisa, 17, b. PA, Hannah, 16, b. PA, Rosetta, 14, b. PA, Rosannah, 12, b. PA,
               Beurls??, 10 [son], b. PA
               +Catherine Quimby, 89, b. NY living at Volina twp, Cass, MI in household of
               Isaac & Mary PENROD [possibly a dau]
     1870: Wayne twp, Cass, MI, listed Anson B. Quinby, aged 63, b. NY, Sylvia A., aged
                44, b. NY, Rosanna, 20, b. PA, ?Tergo CHANEY, 11, b. MI

214. DARIUS6

[1790-Stephentown, Albany, NY in household of Ephraim]
     [Jan. 3 1791-died-shot in line of duty, Constable Darius Quinby]

[EPHRAIM5, JAMES4, JOSIAH3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1] born about 1765, married Hannah unknown and died between April and November 1824 in Sand Lake, Rennsalaer county, New York.


I. Phebe7 Quimby
(Mrs. Stephen CALE/COLE);
II. Huldah7 Quimby ( Mres. Hosea HOLCOMB);
III.  Betsey7 Quimby (Mrs. Nathan BENNETT);
IV. Sally7 Quimby (Mrs. William DAVIS);
V. Polly7 Quimby (Mrs. James GORSLINE);
VI. Susannah7 Quimby (Mrs. Dennis McKEE/MICKER):
VII. Carline/Caroline7 Quimby;
VIII. Clarissa7 Quimby
(Mrs. Philip TAYLOR);
IX. Daniel7 Quimby, born1794,
Mary unknown
i. ?Charles8 Quimby, b. 1816
ii. ?Julius F.8 Quimby, b. 1822;
iii. Platts Burton8 Quimby, b. 1834;
iv. Ralph P.8 Quimby, b. 1838;

X. David Marshall7 Quimby, born abt. 1800,
Elizabeth unknown
i. Henry R.8 Quimby, b. 1820,
ii. Rebecca8 Quimby, b. 1831;
iii. Harriett8 Quimby, b. 1834;
iv. Siroes8 Quimby, b. 1837;
v. Thorme8 Quimby, b. 1845

XI. Amos N.7 Quimby, born 1808,
Serena Caroline NICHOLES
i. Clark8 Quimby, b. 1833;
ii. Lewis H.8 Quimby, b. 1835;
iii. Marshall8 Quimby, b. 1838;
iv. George W.8 Quimby, b. 1841;
v. Caroline8 Quimby, b. 1845;
vi. Emily8 Quimby, b. 1849/50.

~~~~~~~~Ephraim6 Quimby's Will as follows:~~~~~~~~


Daus.: Phebe, wife of Stephen Cale or Cole; Huldah, wife of Hosea Holcomb; Betsey, wife of Nathan Bennett; Sally, wife of William Davis; Polly, wife of James Gorsline; Susannah, wife of Dennis McKee (or Micker).
Sons: David, Daniel.
Daus: Carline?, Clarissa, wife of Philip Taylor.
Son: Amos, when of age.
Note: Land in Nassau Town.
Wife: Hannah.
Sons: Daniel and David to take care of my father Ephraim Quimby.
Exec.: Jacob Haff, of the town of Sandlake; Epaphroditus Devereaus, of the town of Nassau; Miel (Hiel?) Adams, of the Town of Nassau.
Wit.: Bethel Bristol, Thomas H. Bristol, Alma H. or M. White.
Dates: April 7, 1824, Probate Nov. 6, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 269.

216. LEVI6

[1810: Berlin, Rennsalaer, NY, aged 26-45, 3 males under 10, 1f 26-45, 2f <10]
      [1820: Rome, Oneida, NY, aged 45+, 1m 26-45,  2m 10-16, 2m<10,
               1f 45+, 1f 16-26, 1f 10-16]
      [1830: Verona, Oneida, NY, 50-60]
      [1840: Levi, Van Buren, Onondaga, NY, 60-70, 1f 50-60]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Census extractions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Nassau, Rennsalaer, NY
[both beside Elnathan Quinby]:
Daniel Quinby, 26-45, 1m<10, 1f 16-26, 1f<10;
Ephraim Quinby, 26-45, 1f 26-45


Nassau, Rennsalaer, NY
Daniel Quinby,  40-50, 1m 20-30, 1f 60-70, 1f 30-40, 2f 10-15, 2f 5-10,  2f<5]
David Quinby, 30-40, 1m 10-15, 1m5-10, 1m<5, 1f 30-40, 1f 5-10, 1f<5]

Troy, Rennsalaer, NY
Amos Quinby, 20-30, 1m <5, 1f 20-30
[son of Ephraim Quimby of Sandlake]
[Amos Quiimby + son A. Clark, wife Serena Caroline, nee NICHOLES]

Van Buren, Onondaga, NY
Aaron Quinby 20-30, 1f 20-30, 1f 10-15

[Lot 40, Delanson Foster, William N. Higgins, Abijah Hudson, George W. Marvin, Dudley Norton, Isaac Peck, Aaron Quimby, Jonathan Skinner, Samuel Skinner, Truman Skinner, Linus Squire, David Tillotson.]  

Clay, Onondaga, NY
Stephen Quinby, 30-40, 1f 15-20, 1f 10-15, 2f 5-10


Van Buren, Onondaga, NY
Abner Quinby, 20-30, 1m<5, 1f 20-30, 1f<5 

[1880: Onondaga Hill, Onondaga, NY
 with wife Harriet, son Andrew, 20. Dau Cornelia, 33,
all  In household of George F. & Harriet E. WALTERS,-Dau and Son in law.]

[**See Levi Quinby, 1840] 
Camillus, Onondaga, NY
Aaron Quinby, 40-50, 2m 30-40, 1m 20-30, 1m 5-10, 1m<5, 2f 30-40,
        1f 20-30, 1f 10-15  

????[male 40-50=Aaron/1 male 30-40=Loyal, 1 male 30-40=unknown/1 male 20-30=Darius/ 1 male < 5= Delanson/ 1 female 30-40=Orrinda, 1 female 30-40=unknown/ 1 female 20-30=Susanna/ 1 female 10-15=unknown]????

[1880: Aaron at Camillus]

Ontario, Wayne, NY
Daniel Quinby, 40-50, 1m 15-20, 1m 5-10, 1m<5, 1f 40-50, 3f 15-20, 3f 10-15, 1f<5
David Quinby, 40-50, 1m 15-20, 1m<5, 1f 15-20, 1f 10-15, 2f 5-10, 1f<5
Amos N. Quinby, 30-40, 1m 5-10, 2m<5, 1f 30-40
[Amos M. Quimby + son A. Clark, Lewis H., David Marshall & wife Serena Caroline, nee NICHOLES]


Ontairo, Wayne, NY
                    Daniel Quinby, 56                       
                  Mary Quinby, 52                     
Platts B. Quinby, 16 [male]
Ralph P. Quinby, 12
Hannah Quinby, 82

                    David M. Quinby, 48                    
Elizabeth Quinby, 47
Rebecca Quinby, 19
Harriet Quinby, 16
Srioes Quinby, 13 [male]
Throme W. Quinby, 5 [male]

Platts B.=?Burton Q?-see Ontario Directory 1867

[1880: Ontario, Wayne, NY, widowed’ in household of dau Arvilla CUDDEBACK]

Henry R. Quinby, 30 [s/o David M. Q.] :
                      Cornelia Quinby, 27                        
[Cornelia TWITCHEL]
        [1880, Ontario, Wayne, NY +Charles, 28 & wife Rose, 16;Elbert, 22; Ella, 18]

                           Amos Quimbee, 41                            
Caroline Quimbee, 41 [nee NICHOLES]
                    Clark Quimbee, 17                     
                Sriois H. Quimbee, 15 [Lewis]       
            Marshal Quimbee, 12  [David]        
  George W. Quimbee, 9
  Caroline F. Quimbee, 5
  Emily Quimby, 8 months

[1860: Spring, Crawford, PA = all]
[1870: Spring, Crawford, PA = all]
[1880: Spring, Crawford, PA = all]
[Amos Clark-1880 Spring, Crawford, PA]
[Lewis-1880 Spring, Crawford, PA]
[David Marshall.-1880 Spring, Crawford,PA]

Troy, Rennsalaer, NY
                      Julius F. Quinby, 22                        
                        Caroline Quinby, 20                          
[in household of Morgan & Elizabeth HARRIS]

[1880: Troy, Rennsalaer, NY +Frank H. Q., 15]

Nassau, Rennsalaer, NY
                          Charles Quinby, 34                           
                   Elizabeth Quinby, 29                  
Margaret Quinby, 12
Adelina A. Quinby, 3

[1880: Wayne, Ontario, NY in household of Edward & Mary NOLAN]

Marshall, Oneida, NY
Ephraim Quinby, 43
Lovina Quimby, 32 [nee HARRISON]
James STILKING, 43

Kirkland, Oneida, NY
Mary Quinby,18
Anan Quinby 16 [female]
[Both in household of James & Olivia ARMSTRONG]

Camillus, Onondaga, NY
Aaron Quimby [detail missing]

Manilus, Onondaga, NY
                          William Quinby, 30                              
                      Elizabeth Quinby, 26                         
Julia L. Quinby, 3 months

[1880: Sullivan, Madison, NY+son William, 12; grson Eugene, 5]

Byron, Genessee, NY
Rebecca Quinby, 37
[in household of Moses & Philena/Philuria GILLAM or GILMAN, of Massachusetts]


Van Buren:

Delanson Quinby, 46
Eliza,  44, wife

Charles Quimby, 14
[in household of Alva SPAULDING, uncle]


Mark Quimby, 27
Francis, 24, wife
Clinton, 6

Onondaga Hill:

Abner Quimby, 64 Father in law
Harriet Quimby, 68, Mother in law
Andrew Quimby, 40, single
Cornelia A. Quimby, 33, single
[living in household of George F. and Harriet E. [42] WALTERS and family]



Delia Quinby, 54, widowed, servant
[in household of John H. and Mary A. WOOD]


Merton J. Quimby, 43
Mary, 35, wife
Willie B., 18
Fred C. 15
Clinton N., 8 months


Willington Quimby, 15
[in household of William & Ruth NEGUS, aunt and uncle]



Loyal QUIMBY, 70 [b. Sangerfield, Oneida, NY]  **1830 visiting John Quinby at Byron
Oneida, 67, wife   [Orrinda CONGER, m. Genessee, 1832]
Juliette, 12, grdau
Frank, 9, grson


George H. QUIMBY, 42, widowed

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end census extractions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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