Gen. John6 Quimby

[John5, David4, John3, Robert2]

161. General John6 Quimby (John5, David4, John3, Robert2), born July 21, 1773 at Springfield, New Hamsphire, ?died October 23, 1839. Married first in 1798 to Mary BEAN, and married second, in 1824 to Mehitable MARSH [she later married Mr. Whittemore]


by first marriage:

I. Samuel7 Quimby;
II. Hannah7 Quimby, b. July 8, 1804, d. 1806;
III. Horace "Harris"7 Quimby;
IV. John Eri/Erie7 Quimby;
V. Lucinda Smith7 Quimby, b. Aug. 7, 1811,
1. Gilman LOVERIN
2. Amos COPP

by second marriage:

VI. Mary7 Quimby, b. July 19, 1826
rem to Bureau, Ill,
1. Elisha ROBESON
2. James MARTIN

VII. Augusta Ann7 Quimby, b. May 22, 1835,
livied Bureau, Ill, Bonneville, Idaho and d. 1890, Amherst, Colorado
 Marinus G. BRAINARD


Samuel7 Quimby (General John6, John5, David4, John3, Robert2), born September 4, 1800 at Springfield, New Hampshire, and died January 7, 1872 at Springfield. Married, January 15, 1835, at Springfield, Mary Ann PERLEY, daughter of Paul P. & Sally (Storey) PERLEY.


I. Amanda Melvina8 Quimby, b. 1837,
~married ~
Charles McDANIEL;

II. Daniel Perley8 Quimby, b. 1839,

Harvey W.9 Quimby, b. 1882

2. Emily Eliza ADAMS

III. Warren Storey8 Quimby, b. 1841,

i. Vivian Samuel9 Quimby, b. 1874

ii. John W.9 Quimby, b. 1884
 Bertha E.
iii. Warren Prescott10 Quimby
iv. John Verne10 Quimby.

Horace "Harris"7 Quimby (General John6, John5, David4, John3, Robert2), born May 3, 1807 at Springfield, New Hamsphire, an died June 5, 1875 at Manchester, New Hampshire. Married Nancy Ellen JONES, April 6, 1831 at Springfield.


I. John H.8 Quimby, b. 1831
[living 1870 Fitchburg, MA and 1880 in Lowell, MA]
Frances Ann ROBINSON
i. Ida F.9 Quimby,
b. 1856, NH;
ii. Frank9 Quimby, b. 1858, MASS;
iii. Evaline A.9 Quimby, b. 1859, MASS;
iv. John Fred9 Quimby,  b. 1864, NH;
v. Angie M.9Quimby, b. 1867, NH;
vi. Alice M.9 Quimby, b. 1873, MASS;

II. Mary A.8 Quimby, b. 1832;
III. Nancy8 Quimby, b. 1834;
IV. Amelia C.8 Quimby, b. 1840;
V. Edwin Otis8 Quimby, b. about 1851
d. 1901, Worcester, MA
 Catherine "Kate" Francis SMITH
i. Edwin Horace9 Quimby
1. Mary Teresa KANE
2. Ellen Gertrude HOGAN
Helen Gertrude10 Quimby
3. Mary Comeford WATERS
Beatrice Ella10 Quimby
Daughter10 Quimby
Mortimar Waters10 Quimby
daughter10 Quimby

ii. Nancy Ella9 Quimby

iii. Leila Evelyn9 Quimby
 Homer Fisher HASTINGS

John Eri/Erie7 Quimby (General John6, John5, David4, John3, Robert2), born April 6, 1809, Springfield, died 1874 in Menominee, Michigan. Married Almira MACE. Living in Cleveland, Ohio in 1840, by 1850 living in Michilimackinac, Michigan, and in Delta, Michigan by 1860 and was a fisherman in his early years. John & Almira arrived in Menominee around 1849 and built a tavern, they ran the Quimby House, the only hotel in Menominee until 1864. He owned much of the land in the area and was the first county Sheriff.


I. John Henry8 Quimby
, born 1840 in Ohio,
~married ~
Feb. 21, 1861, Oconto, Wisconsin


i. John Henry9 Quimby, b. 1862, MI
Leslie9 Quimby, b. 1891, WI

Hazel9 Quimby, b. 1893, WI
Minerva9 Quimby, b. 1895, WI
Edward9 Quimby, b. 1899, WI
Caroline9 Quimby, b. 1901, WI
Christine9 Quimby, b. 1903, WI
Irene9 Quimby, b. 1906, WI
Walter9 Quimby, b. 1907, WI
Guy H.9 Quimby, b. 1909, WI
Fred T.9 Quimby, b. 1912, WI
Mamie M.9 Quimby, b. 1914, WI.
ii. Ira9 Quimby, b. 1864, MI

II. Charles8 Quimby
, born 1842 in Ohio
~married ~
Emma W. unknown


i. Charles9 Quimby, b. 1873, MI.
ii. James9 Quimby, b. 1875, MI;
iii. George9 Quimby, b. 1877, MI

III. Christine8 Quimby, born 1843 in Ohio,
 John DOUGLAS in 1865

IV. Edwin/Edward Curren8 Quimby, born 1845 in Ohio
~married ~
Caroline LEHMAN


i. Almira9 Quimby,  b. 1869, MI
ii. Guy C.9 Quimby, b. 1870, MI
iii. Christina9 Quimby, b. 1873, MI
iv. Caroline9 Quimby, b. 1876, MI,

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