Hiram7 Quinby

[Moses6, Josiah5, John4, John3, John2, William1]

[see page 317, volume one by HCQ for full entry]

491. Hiram7 Quimby
born Sept. 5, 1775 at Orange, New Jersey, married first in 1781 to Mary BALDWIN, and married second to Nancy WILLIAMS. Hiram7 died very suddenly in 1838 at Orange, New Jersey.


Henry Cole Quinby lists NO children for Hiram7, by either wife, but according to the 1830 census we find Hiram QUINBY, of proper age,  enumerated in Orange, New Jersey and his household includes Quimby's with him who need to be defined.

Not only are there young children in his household but living next door is a John QUINBY, the same age as Hiram7 also with a family. Per Volume One, there is NO brother cited by the name of John, the only brothers documented were Jotham7 and Caleb7, and both are accounted for in the 1830 census, so this John QUINBY has been totally lost to family history, as far as I can see.

Neither Hiram7 nor John7 are found in later census entries of New Jersey.

Due to his location and lack of documentation I can only assume him to be a brother of Hiram's at this time.

**Both Hiram and John are enumerated in 1830 each with a male of cerrect age to possibly be Sylvanus H. Quinby.

~Dee McNeil~


Census extration:
Orange, New Jersey

Hiram QUINBY aged 50-60
1 male aged 15-20
1 female aged 40-50
1 female aged 5-10

next door:

John QUINBY, aged  50-60
1 male aged 20-30
1 male aged 10-15
1 female aged 70-80
2 females aged 40-50
2 females aged 15-20

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