James Quinby

(born about 1816 in Pennsylvania,
died 1864, Muscantine, IA)

[parentage not yet known]

Census Extractions:
including notations


Portage, Ohio

February 7, 1837
James QUINBY, age 21
married Susannah GIBBLE , age 18
[indexed as KIMEL]
both of Springfield
she daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (Wolf) GIBBLE


Grand Prarie,
Marion, Ohio

James QUINBY aged 20-30
2 males under 5
1 female 20-30

[neighbors: Eli POWEL, Elizabeth BUNT and William POWEL]


Jasper, Indiana

James QUINBY, 39, PA
Susannah, 32, PA [nee GIBBLE]
Josiah G., 12, OH [Starks co.]
John, 11, OH [Starks co.]
Francis, 10, OH
Matthew, 8, OH
William, 4, OH
James J., 1, IND


Cedar Falls,
Black Hawk, Iowa

James QUINBY, 44
Susannah, 43
James J., 11
Mary, 10
Henrietta, 4
Harriet, 3
Josephine, 1

[Francis QUINBY, 20 living with CONRAD family in Cedar Falls]

[Matthew QUINBY, 18, living with RARICK family in Cedar Falls]

Breckenridge, Kansas

*John QUINBY, 20, OH
Josiah QUINBY, 22, OH

[*John Quinby served in Company E, 8th Iowa Infantry]


James QUINBY died
buried at Hillcrest Cemetery,
Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa


Muscatine, Iowa

Susannah QUINBY, 50, PA
Josiah, 31, PA
M. F. [Mathew}, 31, OH
William, 24, OH
Henrietta, 17, Ind.
Harriet, 16, IA
Josephine, 13, IA
Cornelius, 8, IA

Grundy, Iowa

John QUINBY, 30, OH
Edna, 20, ILL  [nee OLMSTEAD]
Charles, 2, IA
Mary J., 7 months, IA

Fock Grove,
Floyd, Iowa

Josiah QUINBY, 33, OH
Edith, 33, OH
James, 11, KS
John O., 9, IA
Charley M., 7, IA
Eda A., 4, IA
Nellie, 1, IA
Ellen S., 3 months, IA


Muscatine, Iowa

Susan QUINBY, 65
Henrietta, 24
Josephine, 20
Cornelius, 18

Muscatine, Iowa

William QUINBY, 35
Ruth [nee MANSFIELD]

Grundy, Iowa

John QUINBY, 41
Edna, 29, ILL
Charles12, IA
Mary, 10, IA
James, 8, IA
Albert, 6, IA
Alfred, 6, IA
Cornelius, 3, IA
Alice, 9 months, IA

Rock Grove,
Floyd, Iowa

Josiah QUINBY, 43
Edith, 43
James H., 21
John O., 19
Charles M., 18
Eda Alice, 14
Nellie, 11
Elmer S., 10
Hattie J., 5


Additional notes:

Susannah (Gibble) QUINBY died in 1892
Josiah G. QUINBY married Edith KNOUSE
John QUINBY married Edna H. OLMSTEAD
Francis QUINBY ?may have married Susan WINN at Bremer, IA
Mathew QUINBY marriages no yet known
WIlliam QUINBY married Ruth MANSFIELD
James QUINBY marriages not yet known
Mary QUINBY married William YONKIN, 1868 in Muscatine, IA
Henrietta "Etta" QUINBY married  Gustav LINDEE
Harriet QUINBY married John Wesley LANTZ
Josephine "Phemie" QUINBY married Charles F. BENEDICT
Cornelius QUINBY married Margaret McCOLLOUGH at Muscatine


[Sidenote: There is one earlier entry for Quimby in Muscatine, Iowa, but the identities are not yet known. They have not been found in any later census entries in Iowa thus far.

Entry as follows:

Muscatine, Iowa

J. M. QUIMBY, 30, NY [male]
Reb. 20, NJ [female]
R. 34, NY [female]


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