(Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2)

134. John6 Ethan Quimby (Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born 1753 at Exeter, New Hampshire. Probably the John Quimby 'from Wakefield' when he married Tanesora (Tamson) CORSON, Sept. 22, 1789 at Shapleigh, Maine, daughter of Samuel and Molly and the sister of Betty CORSON who married John's brother Daniel Clark6 Quimby.  John and Tamson removed to Maine in 1795 and are enumerated in Kinsmantown, later named Athens, Maine by 1800 with 4 sons and one daughter. By 1810 John & Tamson are in Waterville, Kennebec county, Maine, including the 4 sons and 4 daughters. John6 died July 6, 1813 [**see note] and Tamson is the head of the household by 1820, in Waterville, she has 4 younger females and 2 young males, with her.


**NOTE:  See Statement of the Names, etc. of the Heirs of Non-Commissioned Officers, Privates, etc. who died in the United States' service, who obtained half-pay, in lieu of bounty land, under the second section of the Act of April 16, 1816, who resided in the State of Maine. Kennebec County:

Soldier:  John Quimby
Service:  9th Reg't. Inf.
Date of Death:  06, July, 1813
Heirs: Benjamin, Joseph, Love, Eliphalet, Vienna, Dennis, Lucinda, and Celia Quimby.


SECONDARY NOTE:  See Heirs of James QUIMBY  a desceased private.

Heirs listed as:

Mehitable FOGG

 The above cited as ONLY Heirs of James Quimby,  receive land in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and are five of the children of John Quimby listed above. 



I. ?James7 Quimby, born betw. 1790 and 1800;
II. Benjamin7 Quimby, born betwn. 1790 and 1800;
III. Joseph7 Quimby, born about 1801;
IV. Eliphalet/Samuel7 Quimby, born about 1805 ;
V. Dennis7 Quimby, born about 1809;
VI. Love7 Quimby, born about 1803,
1. Benjamon ROUNDY [1818 @  Clinton]
2.Joel C. SMILEY
[living 1850 at Sebasticook, Kennebec, Me.]
VII. Vienna7 Quimby,
born about 1807;
VIII. Lucinda7 Quimby, b. Sept. 13, 1811, d. 1877, Augusta;
~married ~
1. George  SHERMAN [1828 @ Clinton]
2. Page SAWYER [int. pb. 1837 @ Augusta , no marriage]
3. Elbridge G. SCRIBNER [1839 @ Augusta]
i. Samuel E. SCRIBNER, b. 1840/1 @ Augusta;
ii. Susan #. SCRIBNER, b. 1841 @ Augusta,
iii. Heman Blackwell SCRIBNER, b. 1845 @ Augusta,
1. Clara J. COLE
2. Mrrs. Ann (Goodrich) FOGG;
iv. Nancy J. SCRIBNER, b. 1847 @ Augusta,
v. James H. SCRIBNER, b. 1848/9;
vi. Thomas W. SCRIBNER, b. 1850;
vii. Joseph SCRIBNER, b. 1852/3;
viii. Lucinda Rosetta SCRIBNER, b. 1854, d. 1855;

4. Sumner EMERY [ int. pb. 1865 @ Benton, Me., no marriage]

IX. Celia7 Quimby
, born about 1813,
1. Joseph PRINCE [1828 @ Clinton]
2.Banister CHADWICK


James7 Quimby
(John6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), Married Diadame Sallivena (Sally Lavenia) PUK/PECK September 10, 1812 at Clinton, Maine.. She petitioned the government for a pension due to his military service, but was denied. They were married in Clinton, Kennebec, Maine on September 10, 1812. She was the daughter of Joshua and Diadame S. PECK. Mrs. Quimby had first married William KENDALL in 1809, also at Clinton, and she later married Michael CASEY/CASY evidently after the death of James. Since his only heirs are his siblings, it would appear he had no children at the time of his death. (Diadame's family had deep roots in Bristol, Massachusetts and Clinton, Kennebec, Maine.)

James Quimby served as a member of Timothy L. Stevens Company at Mt. Vermon, Maine in Lt. Col. Ellis Sweet's Regiment in the War of 1812 which served at Wiscasset, Maine September 12th through September 25th, 1814 (see Portland Argus, March 2, 1914)

American Advocate and Kennebec Advietiser

June 29, 1816:
 In York, James Quimby, of an abcess occasioned by a wound recieved in the army of the U. States.

[note: spouse cited as Diadema (PUK) who petitioned for a pension, but was denied.]

 See Heirs of James Quimby

Benjamin7 Quimby
(John6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born about 1795. Married July 25, 1819 at Clinton, Kennebec, Maine to Naoma HOBBS. May be the Benjamin Quimby, aged 50 and born in Maine and living in Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts by 1850, in the household of King and Sarah SEDGWICK. No children confirmed, but by 1870 in Palmer, there are Mary Quimby, aged 44, born in Canada living with James and Eunice SHARP and family and also in a boarding are Evaline Quimby aged 19 and Ahnna Quimby aged 14 all born in Canada. By 1880 none of them are found in the census extractions. Per his death record, he died in Salem, Essex, Mass., August 11, 1859, he was the son of "Ethan" and Tanesora/Tamera Quimby and married.

Joseph7 Quimby
(John6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born 1801 in Maine, married Ann OSBORN, living 1830 in Clinton, Kennebec, Maine with 1 son and 2 daughters, and evidently his mother Tamson. In 1840 Ann is the head of the household according to the enumeration at Winslow, Kennebec, Maine with 2 sons and 4 daughters. By 1850 Joseph has returned home in Winslow and also has **Ephraim WILSON, aged 64 living in his household, and Joseph is still in Winslow in 1860, but by 1870 Ann is in Winslow, and Joseph is in Waterville at the town farm. I find no further enumerations for Joseph7, but Ann is still in Winslow in 1880, living with married daughter Mary.


I. Tamson G.8 Quimby, born before 1816,
, Dec. 1835 at Mt. Vernon, Me.

II. Joseph Harrison Clement8 Quimby, born 1824,
[living 1850 in Sebasticook, Me. beside Aunt Lovey SMILEY and her family]
1.Martha YORK, July 7, 1846 at Clinton
i. Clement9 Quimby, b. 1843;
[living 1860 at Cape Elizabeth, Me.]
ii. Albert9 Quimby, b. 1846;
iii. Phebe9 Quimby;
[living 1860 Unity, Waldo, Me. l/w Samuel PARKHURST & family]
iv.Daniel9 Quimby, b. 1850;
v. Ezekiel9 Quimby, b. 1852;
vi. Anson9 Quimby, b. 1855
[living 1870 & 1880 with Hosea STEVENS in Rome, Me.];
vii. Joseph Sumner9 Quimby, b. 1860;
2. Sarah A. YORK,  August, 1866;
3. Rosanna "Rosealinda"  KNOX. Sept. 1866;
viii. Jane9 Quimby, b. 1868;
ix. Charles9  Quimby, b. 1869;
x. Stephen9 Quimby, born 1870
[stepsons: Jefferson YORK and Simon YORK]

III. Eliza8 Quimby, born 1830;
IV. Mary8 Quimby, born 1832

V. Stephen C.8 Quimby, born 1838
[living at Oakland, Me., in 1900];

VI. Frances8 Quimby, born 1841;
VII. Haines C.8 Quimby, born 1844.

[**Ephraim WILSON living 1850 Winslow, Kennebec, Maine with Joseph Quimby and family, father of John E. WILSON living 1850 in Detroit, Somerset, Maine and removed to Plainfield, Wisconsin by 1860 and married first Betsey unknown, probably QUIMBY, and second to Mary Ann QUIMBY, daughter of Gilman and Mary (Foss) Quimby - see Eliphalet QUIMBY line.]

Eliphalet/Samuel7 Quimby
(John6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2), born 1800-1810; living at Hollowell, Maine by 1830

Dennis7 Quimby
(John6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Robert2),born 1800-1810; probably the other male enumerated and living with Samuel in Hollowell, Maine in 1830. Dennis married Elizabeth DARBY, dau of  John & Frances (Perkins) DARBY, she born 1811 Brooksville, Maine, an she died in 1891 in Penobscot county, Maine.. Dennis served in the Mexican War in 1847 under Capt. Lilley (see Military Documents). He appears to be dead by 1850. His wife married second to Alford HUTCHINS.


I. Patience8 Quimby, born 1834, Brooksville, Me.


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