John6 Quimby

[John5, John4, John3, Robert2]

129. John6 Quimby (John5, John4, Mohn3, Robert2), born April 29, 1757 at Kingston, N. H., removed to Brentwood, New Hampshire. This appears to be the Jonathan Quimby who married Mary BRIGHAM and died in Moultonborough in 1776. Most all accounts list him as Jonathan, but his death record names him as John Quimby. After his death Mrs. Mary (Brigham) Quimby remarried, to Dr. James JACKSON,  on May 8, 1777 at Moultonborough and the couple went on to have nine children. Mary's child wtih John Quimby was Betsey Quimby, and was apparently adopted by Dr. Jackson, as she then used the name Betsey Quimby JACKSON.

Known child:

I. Betsey7 Quimby, born Oct. 2, 1775 at Eaton, N. H.
Samuel SIAS in 1792

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