John6 (Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2)

154.  John6 Quimby (Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born December 25, 1774 at Hawke, (now Danville)  New Hampshire, married November 17, 1796 to Hannah DAVIS. John and Hannah removed to Bow, New Hampshire and later to Hooksett, New Hampshire. John's last census enumeration is found in 1850 at Hooksett. John6 Quimby died May 10, 1856 in South Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire. The 1860 census finds Hannah enumerated in Warren, Grafton county, New Hampshire with daughter Lucy "Relief" and husband Hiram P. NOYES and family. Hannah died October 23, 1863, recorded in Hooksett, aged 84, and she was born in 1776 in Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire. John and Hannah are buried in the Quimby Cemetery, Merrimack county, New Hampshire. (daughter Hannah RILEY and husband John are living in Hooksett in 1860 along with other family members living in the household.)


I. John7 Quimby, born abt. 1811, married Lousea FISH, 1833 at Bow, N. H.;
II. Samuel7 Quimby, born September 12, 1800 at Hawke, N. H.;
III. Sally7 Quimby, born June 2, 1802 at Hawke, N. H.;
IV. Hannah7 "Ann" Quimby, born February 28, 1804 at Hawke, N. H,
1. Amos B. WHEELER
Joel8 WHEELER, b. 1833;
Amos8 WHEELER, b. 1835;
., b. 1844;

2. John RILEY

V. Charles G. Titcomb7 Quimby, born  January 15, 1806 at Hawke, N. H.:
VI. daughter7 Quimby, born May 28, 1808 at Hawke, N. H.;
VII. Lucy7 "Relief" Quimby, born March 22, 1809.
Hiram P. NOYES
Alonzo8 NOYES, b. 1828;
Sarah A.8 NOYES, b.  1831;
Walter B.8 NOYES, b.  1834;
Mary J8. NOYES, b. 1841;
Martha J8. NOYES, b. 1844;
George B.8 NOYES, b. 1849;
Lucy A.8 NOYES, b. 1861

?VIII. Esther7 Quimby, born July 6, 1792.


Census trails for children of John6


John7 Quimby
(John6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born about 1811, married Lousea FISH, 1833 at Bow, New Hampshire. Living 1850 and 1860 in Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire; by 1870 in Dorchester, Grafton, New Hampshire. Last enumerated in 1880 at Dorchester. John died in 1886 at North Groton, recorded in Dorchester, New Hampshire.


I. Lavica/ Lanca8 Quimby, born abt. 1835,
Daniel C. DAVIS
[s/o Hiram R. & Lucy DAVIS and grs/o Reuben & Joanna (Hildreth) DAVIS]
i. Hiram R.9 DAVIS,
b. 1860;
ii. Daniel C.9 DAVIS, Jr.,
b. 1862;
iii. John Q,9 DAVIS
b. 1865;
iv. Lovisa F.9 DAVIS,
b. 1867;
v. Izetta A.9 DAVIS,
b. 1871;
vi. George H.9 DAVIS,
b. 1873;
vii. Charles A.9 DAVIS,
b. 1878

II. Elizabeth A.8, Quimby, born 1838,
George R. SMITH
i. Julia Isetta9 SMITH,
b. 1857
ii. Lizzie E.9 SMITH,
b. 1858
[Mrs. Asa w. GRANGER];

III. John8 Quimby, Jr., born 1845,
Melvina unknown
~married second~
Francena Agnes KENNISON
i. Leona M.9 Quimby, b. 1876
[Mrs. George W. ROWAN]
ii. John9 Quimby, b. 1878
iii. Burnell Custer9 Quimby, b. 1880
iv. Ila Z.9 Quimby, b. 1882
v. Clyde9 Quimby, b. 1884
vi. Daisy9 Quimby, b. 1888.

Samuel7 Quimby (John6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born September 12, 1800 at Hawke, New Hampshire, married, by Rev. Abraham Burnham to Mary CLOUGH,  May 9, 1822 at Pembroke. Mary is widowed by 1860 as she is living in Pembroke, in the household of Salome FOWLER and family, widow of William FOWLER of Epsom, (son of Samuel and Betsey (Davis) FOWLER) and by 1870 she is living in Hooksett in the household of John and Hannah (Quimby-Wheeler) RILEY and family.
[No children]

Charles G. Titcomb7 Quimby (John6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born January 15, 1806 at Hawke, New Hampshire, married November 29, 1827, Harriet UPTON, daughter of Hezekiah & Jemima (Sargent) UPTON, she died December 30, 1893 in South Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire, Charles died December 31, 1895 in South Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire, both are buried in the Quimby Cemetery, Merrimack county, New Hampshire.


I. John8 Quimby, born January 9, 1828 at Bow, N. H.;
II. Charles8 Quimby, born April 4, 1829 at Bow, N. H.;
III. Sylvester8 Quimby, born October 3, 1830 at Bow, N. H.;
IV. Asabel8 Quimby, born January 16, 1833 at Bow, N. H.;
V. Alfred8 Quimby, born August 21, 1834 at Bow, N. H.;
VI. Harriet8 Quimby, born November 10, 1838 at Bow, N. H.,
 his 2nd wife, July 4, 1861
VII. Samuel8 Quimby, born April 10, 1840 at Bow, N. H.;
VIII. Horace8 Quimby, born December 5, 1841 at Bow, N. H.;
IX. Seth8 Quimby, born May 4, 1843 at Bow, N. H, died August 14, 1844;
X. Seth8 Quimby, born October 22, 1844, at Bow, N. H. ;
XI. Mary Ann8 Quimby, born March 11, 1848 at Bow, N. H,
 Daniel ORDWAY,
March 11, 1873
XII. Rufus8 Quimby, born August 2, 1851, died April 26, 1867, Bow, N. H.;
XIII. Sarah Jane8 Quimby, born November 8, 1853 at Bow, N. H,
  Charles H. WHEELER,
January 1, 1879
in Pike county, Illinois


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