John Melvin Quimby

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Summary of John M. Quimby,  Sr. Civil War Pension
General information from “Invalid claim of pension from Civil War service.

Claim of Pension
JOHN M. QUIMBY ............Applicant

Corp.........CO. K......................... 148thRegt.

Enlisted 11February, 1865

Discharged 5 September, 1865

Must be executed before a COURT OF RECORD, or some officer thereof having custody of its Seal

State of Minnesota
County of Wright

“25of June 1881 appeared before me Clerk, a Court of Record within the county and State afore said John M. Quimby aged 60 years, a resident of Middleville, county of Wright, State of Minnesota who entered service under the name of John M. Quimby on or about 11 February , 1865 as Corporal in company K of the 148th regiment of ILL. Vol commanded by Capt  John  Mills

Discharge at Camp Butler, ILL on or about 5 September 1865 by reason of close of the war.

Personal description Age 60 years; height 5 feet 5 icnches; complexion light; hair brown; eyes gray.
Incurred disability in the line of his duty at Tallahoma, in the state of Tennessee on or about March 1865; He contracted Chronic Diarrhea and Catarrah for Army diet and exposure.
Also, at Tallahoma, Tennessee on or about April 1865 he contacted Piles from the diarrhea.
He was treated by Regt Surgeon.

Since leaving service the applicant has resided in towns of Tiskilwa, Ills and Middleville, Minnesota. Occupation farmer, was a man of good, sound health, being when enrolled a carpenter, disability incurred in the service of the United States. ectc.

His Post office address is Howard, County of Wright, State of Minnesota.

Witnessed by: David Cochran, residing at Buffalo
Chester F. Quimby, residing at Middleville

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Certificate No. 6753 Department of the Interior
Name, John M. Quimby Bureau of Pensions

In forwarding to the pension agent the executed voucher for your next quarterly payment please favor me by returning this circular to him with replies to the questions enumerated below.
M..... Evans

First, Are you married?

Answer, no, widower

Fourth, Where you married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce
Answer, Mary A. Gorbet. died Apr 5, 1885 in Minn.

Fifth Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and dates of their birth.

Answer. John M. Quimby born Ill 1848., Laura H. Quimby 1852 in Ill., Chas E. Quimby 1854 Ill., Chester F. Quimby 1856 Ill., Oscar G. Quimby 1860 in Missouri.

Signature: John M. Quimby , Sr
Date of reply, June 4th 1898

Pensioner dropped, because of death July 30, 1899,
N.R. no widow claim

United States Pension Agent J.B. Fuller
Nov.24/ 00

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