Jonathan6 (Jonathan5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2)

183. Jonathan6 Quimby
(Jonathan5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born 1765/6 at Brentwood, New Hampshire, about 1785 married Sarah Abigail KINSMAN in New Hamsphire, she was born January 16, 1763 in Ipswich, Mass., daughter of Stephen and Elizbeth (Russell) KINSMAN. She died between 1810 and 1820 in Athens., Maine, Jonathan6 died in Athens, Somerset, Maine November 29, 1827. He had removed to Maine about 1795 and resided in Athens and Clinton. Most probably the same Jonathan Quimby who was given orders in Wakefield, New Hampshire, January 8th, 1785 in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment. The following court records show his locations in Maine:

Court: Kennebec County Supreme Judicial Court
Monday June 1st, 1801
Jonathan QUIMBY of Athens
sued by
Joseph KELLY of Winslow.
Judgement Recovery
Tuesday September 1st, 1807
Jonathan QUIMBY of Clinton
Jacob TRUE of N. Yarmouth
Tuesday September 1st, 1807
Jonathan QUIMBY of Clinton
Benjamin CURTIS Jr. of Freeport


I. Elizabeth7 "Betsy" Quimby
, born March 10, 1782, Brentwood, N. H.
[some of their children removed to Scott county, Illinois]
II. Peter7 Quimby, born 1784;
III. Ebenezer7 Quimby, born between 1784-1794;

IV. Joanna7 Quimby
, born 1786, Troy, Cheshire, New Hampshire
V. James6 Quimby
, born before September 7, 1793 at Parsonfield, Maine;
VI. Mary7 Quimby, born 1795, Rome, Kennebec, Maine, died 1881, Bangor.
VII. John7 Quimby, born 1797, Maine.


Peter7 Quimby
(Jonathan5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born probably Newington, New Hampshire in 1784, married Lydia HIGHT/HOYT.


[in no certain order]

i. Selden8 Quimby,
born 1814, Maine, died 1861, Texas;
1. Ann LOW
2. Margaret unknown.
[removed to Wisconsin, later to Johnson countyTexas, where he died]
I. Freeman B.9 Quimby (1841-1928)
1. Sarah Emily RICE
2. Catherine MALCOLM
i. Carrie Belle10 Quimby
ii. Frank D.10 Quimby
iii. George A.10 Quimby
iv. Judd10  Quimby
v . Leonard Levi10 Quimby

II. Ann Sophia9 Quimby (1842-1917)
Alfred NYE

III. George S.9 Quimby (1848-??)

IV. Maria L.9 Quimby (1849-1927)

V. Alva Peter9 Quimby (1851-1942)
1. Addie A. HINES
2. Arrathusa
i. Laura Ann10 Quimby
ii. Mary Alive10 Quimby
iii. Inez M.10 Quimby
iv. Freeman Lyle10  Quimby

VI. Ella S.9 Quimby (1852-1880)
Lyman Granger WRIGHT

VII. James H.9 Quimby (1854-1855)

ii. Lydia8 Quimby, born 1816, Maine,
[removed to Wisconsin]

iii. Sophia8 Quimby, born 1813, Maine,

iv. Orinda8 Quimby, born 1813, Maine,
[removed to Wisconsin]

v. Freeman8 Quimby, born about 1820, Maine,

Ebenezer7 Quimby
(Jonathan5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born between 1784-1794 and found on 1820 census at Corinna, Maine, then disappears, spouse unknown.


i.? Eben8 Quimby, born 1837;
[aged 13 in 1850 living in Hartland, Somerset, Maine,
in the household of Eben R. & Emily (Corson) HOLMES.]

James7 Quimby 
(Jonathan5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2) born before 07 Sep 1793, Parsonsfield, York, Maine, and died. 12 May 1854, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, married January 1, 1821 in Mt. Vernon, Maine,  Abigail FURBUSH, daughter of Richard and Hannah (Blaisdell) FURBUSH.


i. Frederick8 Quimby
, b. 1821, Rome, Me., d. bef. 1830;
ii. Louisa8 Quimby, b. 1824, Exeter, Me., d. bef. 1848;
iii. Abigail T.8 Quimby, born April 8, 1827, Rome, Me.,
m. Henry B. WOODS;
iv. Samuel Furbish8 Quimby, b. Jan. 4, 1831, Rome, Me.;
v. Rebecca8 Quimby, b. 1832, d. 1835, Rome, Me.;
vi. James M.8 Quimby, b. Oct. 6, 1833, Rome, Me.;
vii. Albert8 Quimby, b. 1834. Rome. Me.,
living in Bangor by 1860;
viii. Andrew J.8 Quimby, b. 1836, Rome, Me.;
ix. Dexter Baldwin8 Quimby, b. 1838, d. 1870 at Portland, Me.;
x. Hosea S.8 Quimby, b. 1842 Rome, Me.;
xi. Mary E.8 Quimby b.1846, d. 1889, Bangor, Me.;
xii. Louisa8 Quimby, b. 1848, Bangor,
m. Waldo Hill JORDAN.

John7 Quimby
(Jonathan5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born 1797 in Maine, married at Sangerville, Maine to Miss Louisa STEVENS, in 1824, both listed "of Sangerville".


i. *son8 Quimby
, born 1815-1820;
ii. *daughter8 Quimby, born 1815-1820;
iii. Joseph8 Quimby, born 1828, Maine;
iv. Eliza8 Quimby, born 1830, Maine.

[*possibly nephew/niece, or children from earlier marriage]


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