Joseph Quimby
of Delaware and Tompkins, New York
and his descendants

b. 7 Sept. 1785
d. May 16, 1825, aged 38, at Caroline, Tompkins, NY
buried at the Old Dutch Cemetery
m. Margaret CRATON [b. 2-14-1791]
daughter of William CRATON

I. James E.Quimby , b. 1808;
II. Maria Quimby, b. October 1, 1811,
 Luther PERRY
III. Eliza Ann Quimby , b.July 24,  1812,
Furman QUICK
IV. John M. Quimby, b. 1814;
V. William C. Quimby, b. 1816;
VI. Rachel Quimby, b. 1819
  Daniel MEADE
VII. Levi S. Quimby, b. 1821.


James E. Quimby, son of Joseph and Margaret (Craton) Quimby, born March 13, 1808 in New York, died April 9, 1891, married Sylvia HASKINS,  living in Dryden, Tompkins, NY in 1830, in Addison, Steuben, NY by 1840 and 1850, removed to Homer, Potter county, Pennsylvania by 1860.


I. James H. QUIMBY, b. 1834, d. 1872
[served in the 149th PA Vols.]
Charlotte FOSTER
i. Elora Quimby, b. 1857, PA;
ii. Flora Quimby, b. 1859, PA;
iii. Sylvia Quimby, b. 1861, PA;
iv. ? Mamie Quimby, b. 1866, PA;
v. Alvin T. Quimby, b. 1868, PA
md. Nellie PIERCE
Ernest L. Quimby, b. 1897
md. Ruth unknown
Violet Quimby, b. 1902
Warren S.
Quimby, b. 1904 [served WWI]
Quimby, b. 1906
Quimby, b. 1911
Quimby, b. 1913
James B.
Quimby, b. 1914, d. 1922
Quimby, b. 1916
Quimby, b. 1918  
md. Virginia ROSSMAN

vi. Rose Quimby, b. 1869, PA,
md. William Henry HARTWICK
rem to Coudersport

John Melvin Quimby
, son of Joseph and Margaret (Craton) Quimby, born Sept. 6, 1814/15 in New York, died July 30, 1899, Minnesota. Married August 1, 1839, at Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois to Mary Ann GORBET, who was born in 1821, Clermont county, Ohio.


I. William Quimby, b. Aug. 16, 1840, d. Nov. 14, 1840, LaSalle, Ill;

II. George W. Quimby, b. Feb. 2, 1842
[living Campbell, TN in 1870, by 1880 at Shafton, Randolph, MO]
R. L. [Rebecca] JONES
i. Massey (Missouri) A. Quimby, b. 1860, GA,
md. July 4, 1874/5, Scott co., TN
George P. MASON
Dora L. MASON, b. 1877, TN
William MASON, b. 1879, MO
ii. Francis Quimby, b. 1860, GA

[NOTE: 1880 census cites:
Missouri/Massey Quimby-Mason as step daugher,
detail of 1850 census
inidcates Missouri and Frances
were probably the youngest sibilings of Rebecca~
see detail~]

III. Luther P. Quimby, b. Dec. 30, 1844, LaSalle, Ill, d. Jan 25, 1853;

IV. James S. Quimby, b. Jan. 22, 1846, d. Jan. 22, 1853;

V. John Melvin Quimby, Jr., b. Dec. 22, 1847, d. 1916, Lynden, WA, see obit;
enlilsted Co. K., 148th Regt. Illinois Inf.,
1. Martha Emeline DAVIS,
2. Mrs. Lydia BECKER
, March 21, 1899, Little Falls, MN


i. William A. Quimby, b. Jan. 1871,
Rosa unknown
William A. Quimby, b. 1898, Ill;
Ethel Quimby, b. 1901, Ill;
Frances Quimby, b. 1908, Ill;

ii. John Quimby, b. Oct. 1873, Ill,
Quimby, b. 1900, Ill;
Quimby, b. 1905, Ill;

iii. Charles Frances Quimby, b. Jan. 30. 1875, Howard Lake, MN,
m. Aug. 27, 1898, LaFayette co, WI

Howard James Quimby, b. 1898, Shullsburg, Lafayette, WI,
md. Anna Mary TIEMAN,
[ch: Herbert Charles, Mildred];
Arthur Quimby, b. 1901, ILL
md.  Mabel BECKER
[ch: Dale Arthur, Timothy, John Authur];

Louella Evelyn Quimby, b. March 15, 1907,
[ch: Betty Jane, Elaine Joyce];
Mable Hazel, b. 1910,
md. John BUCEVICH;

iv. Robert Quimby, b. 1877, MN,
[living with William & Rosa, 1900 Bureau, ILL.];

v. Maude Quimby, b. Mar. 1880, Middleville, Wright, MN,
[Mrs. Maude MILLER];

vi. Alice Marie Quimby, b. 1882, St. Paul, MN,
[Mrs. Fred SLEGISTER];

vii. Jessie Quimby;

viii. Martha "Mattie Quimby, b. 1887, Ill,
[Mrs. Ted ROBINSON];

ix. missing child Quimby;

x. Eve May Quimby, b. Juy 5, 1890, Hennepin, Putnam Co., Ill.;
[listed as 10th child];

xi. Frank BECKER-QUIMBY,  stepson, b.  1886, WI;
xii. Andy BECKER-QUIMBY, stepson, b. 1888, WI;
xiii. Edward BECKER-QUIMBY, stepson, b.  1895, MN.

~see census and birth detail~

VI. Joseph L. Quimby, b. Feb. 23, 1850, d. Dec. 12, 1851;
VII. Laura H. Quimby, b. Apr. 15, 1852,
William J. HAMPTON;

VIII. Charles Edwin Quimby, b. March 12, 1854, Ottowa, LaSalle, Ill., d. WA,
Hester Mahaley LONG
[dau of LEvi & Catherine (Wan) LONG]


i. Mary Quimby, b. May 16, 1879, d. abt. 1938,
George DAVIS

Virginia DAVIS;
Josephine DAVIS;
Alberta DAVIS;
Laura DAVIS;

ii. James William Quimby, b. Jan. 30, 1881, Arispe, Putnam, Ill.,
Lula Elizabeth TAYLOR
[dau of George & Ceola (Baldwin) TAYLOR]

Hester Quimby, b. Nov. 10, 1903;
Willie Quimby, b. Nov. 28, 1904;
Hattie Viola Quimby, b. Apr. 27, 1906, WA;
James William Quimby, Jr., b. June 15, 1908;
Harold Quimby b. March 18, 1910;
May Quimby, b. March 1, 1912, WA;
Nellie Quimby, b. March 1, 1912, WA

Clara Quimby, b. March 7, 1920

iii. Edward Quimby, b. Jan. 30, 1883, d. abt. Sept. 1953,
Sadie "Sarah" TAYLOR

Lawrence Quimby
Melvin Quimby
Clyde Quimby, b. Dec. 1915, d. Jan. 1916
Clara Quimby, b. Dec. 1915, d. Jan. 1916
child Quimby

iv. Laura Quimby, b. June 28, 1885;
v. Jennie A. Quimby, b. May 26, 1888, d. 1911;
vi. Margaret Quimby, b. Feb. 1891, d. abt. 1961;
vii. Myrtle Sarah Jane, b. Aug. 16, 1893, d. abt. 1982;
viii. Opal L. Quimby, b. April 1896, d. 1951/2;
ix. Charles Levi Quimby, b. Sept. 25, 1897, d. July 27, 1963;

IX. Chester F. Quimby, b. Oct. 23, 1856, LaSalle, Ill.,
married Penina G. NELSON

i. George Quimby, b. 1882, MN
ii. Chester Leroy "Roy" Quimby, b. March 1885, MN,
~md. 1 unknown PIERCE~
~md. 2  Florance NICHOLS~


by first wife:
Harriett Quimby, b. 1908, MN;
Clifford Quimby, b. 1909, MN;
Dorothy Quimby, b. 1911, MN;
Donelda Quimby, b. 1913, North Dakota;
Inez Quimby, b. 1914, MN;
Margeurite Quimby, b. 1916, MN;
by second wife:
Wilbur Quimby, b. 1917, MN;
Oren Quimby, b. 1919, MN

iii. Alfred  L. Quimby, b. 1890, OR,
[born Norway]

Woodrow F. Quimby, b. 1917, MN

iv. Earl B. Quimby, b. 1894, MN
~married Bessie~

Chester Quimby, b. Feb. 27, 1918, d. 1984
Melvin Eugene Quimby, b. 1920;

v. Netta M. Quimby, b. 1901, MN;

v. Arthur F. Quimby, b. Feb. 18, 1904, Morrison Co., MN.

~see census and birth detail~

X. Oscar Quimby, b. Jan. 24, 1860, Benton, MO,

i. Elwood R. Quimby, b. 1891

XI. Elbert Quimby, b. Jan. 20, 1862, Benton, MO, d. Dec. 1863.

William C.[?raton] Quimby
, son of Joseph and Margaret (Craton) Quimby, born November 9, 1816 in New York, married Jane unknown. Living at Woodhull, Steuben, NY in 1850, removed to Sylvania, Potter, PA.

Children :

I. Joseph D. Quimby,  b. 1844, d. 1882,
bur. Costello Cem, Potter, PA
i. Daniel Quimby, d. 1875;
[only other burial at Costello Cem.]

II. Hannah R. Quimby, b. 1846;
III. George H. Quimby, b. 1848,
Nancy unknown
i. Florence Quimby, b. 1877;
ii. William Quimby, b. 1879;
iii. Adelbert H. Quimby, b. 1889;
iv. Mary A. "Clella" Quimby, b. 1892.

1. Herman BUTTON
Clayton BUTTON

2. William W. WEBB
~adopted all BUTTON sons~

IV. Charlotte Quimby, b. 1851, NY.

Levi Slater Quimby
, son of Joseph and Margaret (Craton) Quimby, born May, 1821, Caroline, Tompkins, New York, died, 1901, Potter, PA, buried Homer Cemetery, Inez, PA. Served in the 141st NY Inf. Vols. Levi married first Sally NORRIS, and married second, Susan NORTHRUP.

by first marriage:

I. Alice A. Quimby, b. 1846,

II. Alda Quimby, b. 1848, Woodhull,
William Herbert CROSBY;

III. Wilbur Mead Quimby, b. 1852
i. Martin Quimby, b. 1883
md. Jennie unknown
ch: Roy, b. 1919
ii. Bessie Quimby, b. 1885
iii. Eugenia Quimby, b. 1887;

IV. Truman N. Quimby, b. 1854;
Amidell unknown;

V. Almond Judson Quimby, b. 1858;

VI. John Arlendo Quimby, b. 1860, d. 1899, Keating, PA,
Lydia Chloe CROSBY
i. Flossie Elizabeth Quimby, b. 1886,
md. Herbert Frederick ZEPP
[rem to Elmira, NY];
ii. Lee Slater Quimby, b, 1890,
md. Florence McFALL;
iii. Viva Mary Quimby, b. 1894,
md1. Mr. WHITE
md2. Ralph Lee MILLER
[rem to Gennessee, NY];

iv. Neva Alda Quimby, b. 1898,
md. Wm. Clair BICKFORD
[rem to Johnson City, NY]

by Second marriage:

VII. Homer Norris Quimby, b. 1870, Inez, PA, d. 1933
i. Levi Austin Quimby, b. 1900;
ii. Laurence Norris Quimby, b. 1905;
[served WWII]
iii. Lowell Horace Quimby, b. 1907;
iv. Loris Crosby Quimby, b. 1909;
v. Laban John Quimby, b. 1913
[rem to Washington State]

VIII. Minnie M. Quimby, b. 1874


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