Joseph4 Quimby

Page 99-see full bio in Vol.1

Joseph Quimby, born about 1683-4 is noted as having a set of twins by Rachel MORRILL [niece of Mary (MUDGETT) QUIMBY and Temperence MUDGETT] in 1715, to whom he was not married, these twins are noted as Joseph and Benjamin. A daughter by the name of Joanna is cited as a child of Joseph Quimby and Rachel MORRILL, and another set of twins are recorded born to Joseph Quimby and Rachel MORRILL April 5th, 1717. And the Court, ordered Joseph Quimby to be fined and pay maintenance of children of both Rachel MORRILL and Lydia HOYT [his later wife] in June 24, 1712. The names of the set of twins born in 1717 are not noted, nor are the children born by both women prior to June 24, 1712, so we are missing a minimum of 4 names of children born between approximately 1703 and 1717, of said Joseph Quimby.

See full addendum for 6a. Thomas3 Quimby as it seems probable that some of these unknown children of Joseph may also be progenitors of the Quimby’s of the Carribean.