McNeil and Smith

Robert Elton "Eli" McNeil
Son of Tom & Bessie (Randall) McNEIL
[Bessie also listed as REYNOLDS]

Robert E. McNEIL married Mary E. SMITH*
Robert Aubrey McNEIL, born 10-3-1893, TX, d. 9-19-2000, Orange Co., TX
Joel Marion McNEIL, born 7-16-1926, TX, d. 12-27-1995, Orange Co. , Tx
Roy E. McNEIL, born 5-18-1928, TX, d. 2-19-2004, Orange Co., TX
Melba Yionni McNEIL, born 4-19-1931 @ Polk county, TX
Billy Eugene McNEIL, born 9-18-1934 @ Polk Co., d. 9-7-2002, Orange, TX
Charles Edwin McNEIL, born 3-31-1936 @ Polk county, TX
James Bennett McNEIL, Sr.,  born 1-26-1939, d. 9-9-1981, Orange Co., TX

Son of John and Acey E. (Williams) McNEIL
Born October 1886, Texas
Died June 27, 1963 Hill county, Texas
Married: Feb. 27, 1902 in Tyler, TX
Bessie died May 15, 1971 in Orange, TX


Robert E. McNeil, b. 1903
Thomas Hester McNeil, b. 1908
Versiebee McNeil, b. 1912
Oddie Virgil McNeil, b, 1914
Enid Gertrude McNeil, b. 1918
Emmie F. McNeil, b. 1927


Thomas Hester McNEIL married Bessie Mae LINDSAY
Lois Hester Mae McNEIL, born 9-23-1928 @ Polk county
Thomas Coy McNEIL, born 9-21-1930 @ Polk county

Versiebee McNEIL m1. Clyde MOORE, m2. Otis David HESTER.

Oddie Virgil McNEIL married Odessa SPURLOCK.

Gertrude Enid McNEIL, married  George Dewey PICKETT.

5th Pct., Silsbee, Hardin, TX

Robert E. McNEIL, 26, b. TX
Mary, 24, TX [dad . TX. Mom b. TX] [nee SMITH]
Robert A., 6, TX
Joe M., 3 ½, TX
Roy E., 1, TX

Next door

Versibee & husband Clyde MOORE

Also in 5th Pct.

Laura BASS, 39, TX, widow
W. G.,  19, TX, son


Charles & Hettie DAVIS & Family ,
Including Harriett McNEIL, 70, widowed, Sister

8th pct., Polk, TX

Tom J. McNEIL, 46, TX
Bessie L., 43, TX [nee RANDALL/REYNOLDS]
Oddie V., 15, TX
Gertrude E., 12, TX
Emmie F., 3, TX

Hester T. McNEIL, 22, TX
Bessie M., 19, TX [nee LINDSAY]
Allice R., 2, TX
Layce H., 1, TX [dau]

2nd Pct., Tyler, TX

Will D. McNEIL, 46. AL
Mary, 43, TX [nee DAVIS]
John R., 22, TX
Nora, 17, TX
Rob., 13, TX
Sallie, 10, TX
James, 8, TX
May McCAIN,  85, MS, - grandmother

6th Pct., Tyler, TX

W. A. McNEIL, 26, TX
Clara May, 21, TX
James E., 1, TX

Corrigan, Polk, TX

Tom McNEAIL, 39, TX
Bessie, 35, TX [nee RANDALL/REYNOLDS]
Robert, 16, TX
Hester, 12, TX
Versiebee, 8, TX
Oddie, 6, TX
Enid, 2, TX

Next door:

John BASS, aged 40 with family

5th Pct., Hardin, TX

John McNEIL, 53, b. AL
Harriett, 56, b. TX

[next door to Charlie & Hettie DAVIS & family]
[1910, 5th Pct. Hardin, Tx., Harriett McCRANEY, 51, widow]
living with Charles & Hettie DAVIS, listed as Sister]
[1930, 5th Pct., Hardin, Tx., Harriett McNEIL, 70, widowed
Living with Charles, 45 & Hettie DAVIS]
[1900, Rockland, Tyler, TX:
Charles & Hettie DAVIS with dau Virgie
 and Father Uriah DAVIS, aged 77, born Maryland]

Laura M. BASS, 30, b. TX
Hattie B., 11, TX
W. G., 8, TX [son]

Daniel E. SIMMS, 25, b. TX [Brother] [*indexed SIMONS]

2nd Pct., Tyler, TX

W. D. McNEAL, 41, MS
Mary, 28, TX [nee DAVIS]
William, 16, TX
Vera, 12, TX
Johnnie, 10, TX [male]
Norah, 7, TX
Robert, 4, TX
Eliza G., 5 months, TX
T. J.,  77, SC, widowed
Sarah DAVIS, 63. AL, widowed Mother in law

Also in 2nd Pct.:

Alma, 37, TX [nee McNEIL]
John T., 20, TX
?Agnes, 17, TX
James E., 15, TX
?Elvira, 12, TX
Mabel, 10, TX
William E., 2, TX
Walter, 7, TX
Mary V., 3 months, TX

Honey Island, Hardin, TX

Tom McNEIL, 24, TX [dad b. AL, mom b. TX]
Bessie, 24, TX [dad b. AL, mom b. AL] [nee RANDALL/REYNOLDS]
Robert, 7, TX
Hester T., 2, TX

Also at Honey Island:

Emma McNEAL, 49, b. TX, widowed,
Living with son H. Ross LEWIS, aged 19
[??second/or third wife of John T. McNEIL]
[1920 Ross & Emma are in 2nd Pct. Hardin, Tx]
[1930 Ross & Emma are in 5th Pct, Silsbee, Hardin, Tx]

5th Pct., Hardin, TX

John McNEIL, 42, b. AL, widowed
With daughter
Laura McKINNEY, aged 19, married, mother of 2
[1920 see Laura BASS]

2nd Pct., Tyler, TX

Thomas J. McNEILL, 67, NC
Mary J., 64, GA

Also in 2nd pct.:

Sallie DAVIS, 53. AL, widowed
Mary J. McNEILL, 24, TX - daughter
William A., McNEILL, 6, TX - grson
Vera V. McNEILL, 3, TX - grdau
Johnnie T. McNEILL, 1, TX -grson

Polk, TX

Mary A., 26, TX [nee McNEIL]
John T., 10, TX
Jame E., 5, TX
Elmer, 2, TX
Maybelle, 8 months, TX

Also see:

1st Pct., Tyler, TX

James S. ALISON, 33, TX
Alma, 26, TX
[No idea why James & Alma OVERSTREET are enumerated
 by the name ALISON, and shown without any of the children, possibly visiting…]

1st pct, Tyler, TX

House #217
Thomas McNEAL, 13,
boarding with Charles & Nancy (McDonald) BEST & family

Lusindy McNEAL, 18, step dau in household of
John & Asey SIMS.

[Lucinda McNEIL, born  May, 1881, Tyler, TX,
Dau of John & Acey E. (Williams) McNEIL]

John & Acey (Williams) McNEIL had at least 3 children,
Lucindy/Lucinda, Tom, and Mary Alma.
 Lucinda & Tom are enumerated on the 1900 Tyler, TX, census, but no  listing for Mary Alma;
Mary Alma McNEIL was born in 1884 and died in 1946 in Hardin county,
 and was the wife of James Samuel OVERSTREET, son of James Thomas & Nancy F. (Shepard) OVERSTREET.

Acey E. WILLIAMS, dau of Jesse & Lucinda (Baker) WILLIAMS,
M1. John McNEILL, 1881, Tyler, TX,
M2. John L. SIMS, 1891, Tyler, TX]

Also at 1st Pct.:

House #207
Alma,  17, TX
Johnie,  7months, TX

2nd Pct., Tyler, TX

Thomas J. McNEILL, 58, NC
Mary J., 55, GA
William R., 22, MS
Eliza G., 16, TX
Frances B., 12, TX

1881 Tyler Co., TX

July 7, 1881
John T. McNEIL married Asey WILLIAMS

1880 Tyler, TX

Thomas J. McNEILL, 38, b. SC
Mary J., 35, b. GA [nee REID]
John T., 17, b. AL
Florence, 12, b. AL
Nathan A., 10, b. AL
Mary S., 7, b. AL
Sarah E., 5, b. AL
William R. D., 2, b. MS

[1920 William McNEIL with wife Mary (DAVIS) and family still living in Tyler, TX,
including his widowed father, T. J. McNEIL,
and mother in law Sarah DAVIS, also widowed]
[Thomas J. McNEIL died 10-7-1921 and is buried in the Allison Cem. Warren, Tyler, TX]
[Mary J. McNEIL died 9-18-1911 and is buried in the Allison Cem,. Warren, Tyler, TX]
[Thomas Jefferson McNeill born May 5, 1842, SC, died October 27, 1921 in Tyler county, TX,
and was the son of Daniel & Emily Ann (Saunders) MCNEIL]
[Mary J. McNEIL was born Mary Jane L. REID]
[Daniel McNEILL found in Kershaw, SC in 1820; still in Kershaw in 1860, aged 60, b. NC]]

Confederate Pension Applications

Claimant Name:
McNeill, Thomas Jefferson
Application No.:  11153 
County:  Tyler


*Mary Elizabeth SMITH
born 9-1-1906, Jasper or Sabine, TX
Died 4-18-1989, Jefferson county, TX
Dau of Marion & Lucretia ( Rushing) SMITH
M1. Robert Elton McNEIL [1903-1978]
M2. William Joseph CONNOLLY [1902-1997]
[May have also been married to Mr. COFFIN and Mr. GOULD]

1880 71st Dist., Gonzalez, TX

Marion SMITH, 22, TX
Mary L., 22, TX
William D., 2, TX
Homer B., 11 months, TX


Homer M. SMITH,  53, GA
Elizabeth, 41, TX
Albert B., 30, TX
Nancy E. S., 16, TN
George W., 12, TN
Henry A., 10, TN
Josephine, 8,  TN
Benjamin F., 6, TN

[note: all children were born in TX not TN]

[1870 Homer & Elizabeth & children at Jasper, TX]
[1860 H. M., Elizabeth & children at Jasper, TX]

1900 4th Pct., Jasper, TX

Marion SMITH, 43, TX
Creasy, 24,  TX
John W., 6, TX
Allen E., 3, TX
Hansford, 5 months, TX

1910 6th Pct., Sabine, TX

Marion SMITH, 50 TX
Lucretia, 29, TX [nee RUSHING]
John W., 15, TX
Allen E., 12, TX
Hansford, 10, TX
**George W., 8, TX
Charley, 5, TX
*Mary E., 3, TX
Robert L., 9months, TX

1920 Mayfield, Sabine, TX

Marion SMITH, 63, TX
Lucretia, 47, TX [nee RUSHING]
**George W., 18, TX
Charley, 16, TX
*Mary E., 13, TX
Robert, 9, TX
Carroll, 8, TX
Nannie, 5, TX


**George W. SMITH
“Uncle George”

Born March 2, 1902
Died Sept. 25, 1972 Lakeview, Vidor, TX

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