Quimby marriages

Meredith, New Hampshire

MEREDITH, N. H.  ~ Annals and Genealogies

A Record of Marriages by Elder Moses Cheney
Aug. 20, 1820,  James Quimby to Sally Stevens, both of Meredith.

A Record of Marriages by Elder Parker Fogg

April 7, 1829, Simon Pottle to Nancy Quimby, both of Meredith.
[living 1850 at Moultonborough:
 Simon POTTLE, 43
Nancy, 46
Lewis C., 20
Aaron M., 18
Ann M., 17
Jerusha, 13
Eliza M., 11]
A Record of Marriages by Elder Stephen J. Pitman

Nov. 15, 1832,  John G. Quimby to Priscilla B. Swain, both of
Record of Marriage by Elder John Smith

Dec. 29, 1836, Charles Hacket to Lucinda Quimby, both of
[living 1850 at Meredith:
Charles HACKETT, 40
Lucinda, 36
Westley, 17
Harrison, 9
Franklin, 6
Ellen M., 4]
Record or Marriages by Rev. Silas Gaskett

Jan. 8, 1844. Albert II. Noble to Sophia M. Quimby at Meredith.
[living 1850 at Meredith:
Sophia, 33
Sarah J., 5
Ann E., 3]
Married by Rev. Samuel Cook

Nov. 10, 1845, George W.. Quimby of Campton to Sarah Jane Piper 
May 8, 1845, Joseph H. Clark to Jane Quimby, both of Meredith.

[living 1850 at Barnstead:
Joseph CLARK, 35
Jane, 30
Harrison, 9
Julia, 7
Joseph W., 5
Rosetta, 3
Frank, 2
Thomas J., infant]
Married by Samuel Cook

July 4, 1848, George W. Quimby of Campton to Leena X. Eaton
of Bethleham.

Married by S . J. Pitman

May 11, 1852, Albert F. Quimby to Rosette Jenness


Sept. 21, 1874, Benjamin B. Quimby, age 46 to Martha Page, age 34,
both born Meredith, first marriage for both, he son of Jonathan.


Aug. 25, 1882, George W. Quimby , age 40 , res. Moultonborough,  
son of John Quimby
to Eunice Perkins, born Meredith,
dau of Forrest Perkins.


June. 24, 1884 William J. Quimby,
son of John and Sarah Quimby, of Meredith
to Charlotte Pass, of York, New Brunswick,
dau of William and Elizabeth Pass.


Dec. 23, 1897, J. Page Quimby, of Meredith
to Ada Bickford,
dau of Henry and Julia A. (Caverly) Bickford, of Moultonborough.


Sept.. 17, 1903, J. Page Quimby, of Meredith, widowed, 
to Delia Burroughs,
dau of James and Sophia E. (Wallace) Burroughs.