Samuel6 (Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2)

150. Samuel6 Quimby (Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born January 28, 1759 at Kingston, New Hampshire, died June 29, 1833 at Essex county, Massachusetts. He married first Sarah ALLEN who was born in 1760 and died April 3, 1795, aged 35 and is buried in the Essex Cemetery Ancient Burying Ground in Essex, Mass., he married second, September 15, 1796 in Ipswich, Mass. to Elizabeth ANDREWS who was born in 1767 and died March 17, 1841, aged 74,  and is also buried in teh Essex Cemetery Ancient Burying Ground. Samuel6 served in the Massachusetts Line, under his uncle Capt. David QUIMBY in the Revolutionary War. He removed to Ipswich Parish, Essex, Massachusetts after the War.


by first marriage:

I. Sally7 Quimby, born July 17, 1784 at Manchester,
married Abel CURRIER, removed to Norwich, Vermont;
II. Samuel7 Quimby, born November 13, 1785 at Ipswich, Mass.;
III. Azariah Allen7 Quimby, born November 23, 1787/8 at Ipswich, Mass.;
IV. Nancy7 Quimby, born January 3, 1790 at Ipswich, Mass.,
married 1st Stephen CALL, married 2nd Mr. LEE, rem to NY, NY;
V. John7 Quimby, born November 27, 1791 at Ipswich, Mass.;
VI. Nabby/Abby7 Quimby, born April 1, 1793 at Ipswich, Mass.;

by second marraige:

VII. Daniel7 Quimby, born September 17, 1796, at Ipswich, Mas.;
VIII. Caleb7 Quimby, born July 15, 1797 at Ipswich, Mass.;
IX. Son7 Quimby, born March, 1799, died 1804;
X. Mary7 Quimby, born January 22, 1802
married Abraham JONES/GONES, 1826 at Essex, Mass.;
XI. Hannah7 Quimby, born March 2, 1803,
married Mr. SMITH, lived at Boston, Mass.

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