Sons of
David5 Quimby

[David5, David4, John3, Robert2]

156. Benjamin6 Quimby (David5, David4, John3, Robert2), born January 6, 1757 at Hawke, New Hampshire, and died August31, 1811. Cited "Died in the Revolution", no spouse or children known.

157. David6 Quimby (David5, David4, John3, Robert2), born March 13, 1762 at Hawke, New Hampshire, died June 9, 1781 at Hawke. noted he "Drowned in the A. M.", no spouse or children recorded.

158. Paul6 Quimby (David5, David4, John3, Robert2), born June 29, 1764, baptized, August 5, 1764 at Hawke, New Hampshire. Married Miriam HUNT,daughter of Henry and Hannah (Eastman) Hunt,  February 3, 1789 at Kingston, New Hampshire. Paul died July 15, 1807 at Hawke, New Hampshire, aged 43. No children recorded.

159. Thomas6 Quimby (David5, David4, John3, Robert2), born October 27, 1771, baptized December 29, 1777 at Hawke, New Hampshire. Married Anne FITTS.


I. David7 Quimby, born April 24, 1795 at Hawke;
II. Mary7 Quimby, born November 6, 1800 at Hawke;
III. Currier7 Quimby, born August 2, 1805 at Hawke.


David7 Quimby
(Thomas6, David5, David4, John3, Robert2), born April 24, 1795, Hawke, New Hampshire, married Mary HUNT in November of 1819 probably at Salisbury, New Hampshire. David is enumerated in Salisbury in 1820, but by 1830 he has removed to Vershire, Orange, Vermont, and by 1840 he has settled in Washington twp., Orange, Vermont, as did his sons.


I. Daniel F.8 Quimby, born 1822/3,
~married first~
Lydia H. unknown
i. Mary9 Quimby, born 1842, Vermont;
~married second~
Eliza Ann CLYDE
ii. Da
niel Clark9 Quimby, born1853, Vermont;
iii. Phoebe A..9 Quimby, born 1860, Vermont;

II. Joseph H.8 Quimby, born 1828/9,
Mary A. NUTE
i. David W.9 Quimby, born 1862, Vermont;
ii. Mary I.9 Quimby, born 1864, Vermont;
iii. Joseph9 Quimby, born 1865, Vermont;
iv.. Bertie C.9 Quimby, born 1872, died 1889;
v. Jennnie M.9 Quimby, b. 1889,
Charles E. HASKELL

III. Mary S.8 Quimby
~married first~
~married second in 1888~
Franklin A. SANFORD

IV. Lydia8 Quimby

Currier7 Quimby
(Thomas6, David5, David4, John3, Robert2), born August 2, 1805 at Hawke, New Hamsphire. Married 1829 at Salisbury, New Hamsphire Lucy BUZZELL, and married secondly to Mary A. unknown.


I. Susan A.8 Quimby
, born 1831;
II. George F.8 Quimby "Jr.",
born 1834,
III. Jesse Sheldon8 Quimby
, born 1837
Mary Jane BRALEY
Harry Sheldon9 Quimby,
born 1866, Carlinville, Illinois
 Hattie May WATSON

~one son~
Malcolm10 Quimby,
born. 1888
Cape May, New Jersey

IV. John F.8 Quimby, born 1838;
V. Mary8 Quimby,
born 1840.

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