Sons of
Jacob5 Quimby

[Jacob5, Robert4, John3. Robert2]

173. Jonathan6 Quimby (Jacob5, Robert4, John3, Robert2), born September 18, 1767 Chester, New Hampshire, married in 1790 at Lebanon, New Hampshire to Susanna WHITE, daughter of Deacon William and Mary (Mills) WHITE, she born 1768 at Chester, and died August 8th, 1827 in Belfast, Waldo, Maine. Jonathan6 died at Belfast December 30, 1827.


I. William Edward7 Quimby, b. 1792;
II. Daniel March/Murch7 Quimby, b. 1794;
III. Sally7 Quimby, b. 1795;
IV. Betsy7 Quimby, b. 1797;
V. Jonathan Towle7 Quimby, b. 1799;
VI. Phineas Parkhurst7 Quimby, b. 1802;
VII. Robert White7 Quimby, b. 1804.

174. John6 Quimby (Jacob5, Robert4, John3, Robert2), born September 8, 1769., died in 1860. After the death of his father Jacob, John was first put under guardianship of Col. Stephen DEARBORN, and secondly under Walter ROBIE   Married Mary MOORE, daughter of Coffin and Comfort (Weeks) MOORE, born 1774 at Georgetown, Mass. (now Maine). She died in 1838. This couple removed to Stanstead, PQ and raised a large family, including 12 children, 62 grandchildren and 77 great-grandchildren.


I. Comfort7 Quimby,  b. 1792,
i. Lucinda8 BOYNTON,
 Warren AYER

I. Emma SWEENEY, removed to San Fransisco;

ii. Caroline8 BOYNTON,
 Benjamin ATWOOD

I. James9 BOYNTON, b. 1859 at Stanstead.

II. Nancy7 Quimby, b. 1795,
Gardner BOYNTON,
son of William & Mary (Gibson) BOYNTON
~6 children~
i. Julia Maria8 BOYNTON
 Truman Abel QUIMBY Esq.

ii. Wilder P.8 BOYNTON,

I. Charles9 BOYNTON, b. 1851;
III. Lyman9 BOYNTON, b. 1854;
IV. Herbert9 BOYNTON, b. 1856;
V. WInfield9 BOYNTON, b. 1861;
VI. Frank9 BOYNTON, b. 1863;
VII. James9 BOYNTON, b. 1869.

iii. Gardner8 BOYNTON,

I. Delia9 BOYNTON, b. 1861;

iv. Lyman8 BOYNTON,
Hortensia COOK

I. Hortnese9 BOYNTON, b. 1850

v. Jessse8 BOYNTON, b. 1823,
Olive A. CUTIS

I. George E.9 BOYNTON, b. 1850, MA;
II. James C.9 BOYNTON, b. 1852, RI;
III. Anna L.9  BOYNTON, b. 1859, RI;
IV. Josephine L.9 BOYNTON, b. 1868, RI - twin;
V. Hortense A.9 BOYNTON, b. 1868, RI -twin.

vi. Mary Ann8 BOYNTON,
Samuel C. BURNS.

III. Jacob7 Quimby, b. 1797,
Nancy CASS
daughter of Francis & Mehitable (Wallace) CASS, of Epsom, NH
i. Hepsibeth Cass8 QUIMBY,
Willard Mack GRIFFIN,

I. Nancy Emma9 GRIFFIN,
II. William9 GRIFFIN;
III. Roselpha Mary E.9 GRIFFIN;
IV.  George Albert Augustus9 GRIFFIN, b. 1860, d. 1926 Saskatchawan, Canada
Minnie Florence BAGLEY
i. Rosamond F.10 GRIFFIN, b. 1886, md. Victor WILSON;
ii. Josephine M.10 GRIFFIN, b. 1890, md. Chester CLINE;
iii. Nellie E.10 GRIFFIN, b. 1895, md. Thomas MORGAN;
iv. Burton A.10 GRIFFIN, b. 1902-twin;
v. Bertha A.,10 GRIFFIN, b. 1902-twin;

ii. Truman Abel8 QUIMBY,
Julia Maria BOYNTON

~6 children~
I. Newton9 QUIMBY,
Mary Ann MOORE;
II. Henrietta9 QUIMBY,
III.. Lee Truman9 QUIMBY

Alice KENT;
IV. missing;
V. missing;
VI.  missing.

IV. Mary/Polly7 Quimby, b. 1799,
William McGAFFEY
son of John & Belle (Tripp) McGAFFEY
~12 children~
i. Louisa Locke8 McGAFFEY
Daniel S. BACON

I. Israel9 McGAFFEY, b. 1839;
II. Eli S.9 McGAFFEY, b. 1842;
III. William9 McGAFFEY, b. 1843;
IV. Marietta9 McGAFFEY, b. 1849,
Charles J.10 FROST, b. 1874;
V. Carrie C.9 McGAFFEY, b. 1859;
VI. Eveline9 McGAFFEY, b. 1862.

ii. Alvin8 McGAFFEY,
Mary Abby CASS

I. Idella V.9 McGAFFEY, b. 1858;
II. Lillian A.,9 McGAFFEY, b. 1860;
III. Jennie E.9 McGAFFEY, b. 1863;
IV. Elmer E.9 McGAFFEY, b. 1865;

iii. Mariette8 McGAFFEY,
~married 1~
George JONES
~married 2~
Reuben HEATH

iv. Sarah J. McGAFFEY
rem. to SanJoaquin, CA;

v. Florinda8 McGAFFEY

I. Fred I.9 BARTLETT, b.1860
II. Effie A.9 BARTLETT, b. 1858
III. Etta M.9 BARTLETT, b. 1862
IV. Wilfred L.9 BARTLETT, b. 1867;

vi. Betsey8 McGAFFEY;
vii. Clarissa/Clarinda8 McGAFFEY;
viii. Coffin Q.8 McGAFFEY

I. William9 McGAFFEY, b. 1858;

ix. Adelbert8 McGAFFEY;
x. Margaret8 McGAFFEY;
xi. John C.8 McGAFFEY
 Laura A. unknown

xii. Comfort8 McGAFFEY, b. 1832.

V. Martha7 Quimby, b. 1801,
son of James & Esther (Fletcher) HILDRETH
[David HILDRETH died near Troy, NY in 1834, he drowned in the Hudson River]
i. George8 HILDRETH, b. 1831
~married 1~
 Sarah McCUNE 
~married 2~

I. Emma9 HILDRETH, b. 1851;
II. George9 HILDRETH, b. 1861;
III. Charles9 HILDRETH , b. 1862;
IV. Richard9 HILDRETH, b. 1869;
V. Harriett9 HILDRETH, b. 1875;
VI. Elizabeth9 HILDRETH, b. 1882.

VI. John M.7 Quimby, b. 1803, d. 1881 at Stanstead.
i. Benjamin Wright8 QUIMBY, b.1833, d. 1869
 Mary Jane, GUSTINE,
 dau of Lyman H. GUSTIN
[she m2. Joseph LYFORD]

ii. Rosina8 QUIMBY
Joseph L. ADAMS

I. Irvin L.9 ADAMS, b. 1865;
II. Josephine I.9 ADAMS, b. 18708;
III. Athur L.9 ADAMS, b. 1873.

iii. Naomi E.8 QUIMBY, md. Deacon Israel Brown BRAINERD
I. Ivan Ladd9 BRAINDERD;
II. Jennie Rose9 BRAINERD;
III. Hattie Ethel9 BRAINERD;
IV. Israel Wright9 BRIANERD;
V. Emma Naomi9 BRAINERD;
VI. John Newton9 BRAINERD;
VIII. Katie Elsie9 BRAINERD;
IX. Chester Lee9 BRAINERD;
X. daughter9 BRAINERD, b. May 4, 1881, died same day.

VII. Sally7 Quimby, b. 1805,
William BROWN
son of Jonathan & Hannah (Randall) BROWN

VIII. Coffin M.7 Quimby, b. 1807,
daughter of David & Deborah (Thrasher) MORRILL
i. Louisa8 QUIMBY
[Louisa8 removed to Washington county Vermont where  she died  in 1905,
Edson YORK later married Mrs. Laura A. DODGE (nee GRAY)]

Edison YORK
I. Erie9 YORK, b. 1869 d. 1886
[Edwin J. MORRILL md 2nd **Claudine M. ROBINSON,  b. 1874]
i. Arthur E.10 MORRILL, b. 1888 VT
 Agnes O'TOOLE
a. Agnes Irene11 MORRILL (Mrs.  Chas. Wm. WALBRIDGE)
b. Edwin11 MORRILL, b. 1921 VT
c. Grace Erie11 MORRILL (Mrs. Maurice Freeman SICELY)

ii. Nettie S.10 MORRILL, b. 1890 VT
iii. Edwin J.10 MORRILL, Jr., b. 1892 VT
ii. Ellen R.8 QUIMBY
William M. JAY - 1874 @ Princeton, Bureau, ILL.;

iii. Eveline Sue8 QUIMBY, b. 1843;
iv. Effa Leila8 QUIMBY ,
Irwin Christopher ROBINSON
i. Claudine M.9 ROBINSON**
[after death of cousin Erie9 YORK - see above]

v. Edward Henry Moore8 QUIMBY, b. 1849
 Clara LEE

I. Minnie9 QUIMBY, b. 1873;
II. Maude9 QUIMBY, b. 1875
III. Edward M.9 QUIMBY;
IV. Emeline/Evelena9 QUIMBY, b. 1878;

V. Nettie Louise9 QUIMBY, b. 1880

William John ROBINSON;
VI. Flora9 QUIMBY;

IX.. Benjamin7 Quimby, b. 1809, d. 1833;

X. Amos7 Quimby, b. 1811,
i. Mary8 QUIMBY, b. 1837;
ii. Henrietta Louisa8 QUIMBY, b. 1838 at Cambridge,
she died 1938 in Jacksonville,  Florida, widowed,  and is buried in Macon, Bibb county, Georgia-
they were living in Macon in 1900 and 1910 ]
iii. Laura M.8 QUIMBY,
Wm. J. HAMPTON, 1872 @ Princeton, Bureau, Illinois

XI. Orpha7 Quimby, b. 1813,
1. Ede LEE 2nd.
son of Daniel & Sarah (Whitaker) LEE - see Oregon Trail
2. David B. DAVIS
i. Mary Marsella8 LEE;
ii. Elmira D.8 LEE;
iii. John Moore8 LEE

Dr. Wesley Terrence LEE

iv. Emeline Rice8 LEE;
v. Truman Q.8 LEE.

XII. Clarissa7 Quimby, b. 1816, d. 1856,
Solomon PAINE.

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