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(Continued from p. 64.)

[Note: About the year 1725, some bearers of the
name began occasionally to spell it with an m.]

Joseph 2 Quinby, (Robt. 1 ) (see p. 64), married for
his second widow Anne Greeley, December 10th, 1724.

William 3 Quinby (Wm. 2 , Robt. 1 ) (see p. 63) sued
as of Salisbury February 25, 1731 by Wm. Daniels
of Hampton. (A William Quinby appears on the
Salisbury records as having married Martha East-
man January 9th, 1729. Their intention was publish-
ed November 30th, 1728. The Salisbury birth records
show the birth of a child Martha to William Quinby
by his wife Martha, June 16, 1738.) Had:

(1) Samuel 4 Quinby, born July 5, 1718, lived in
Kingston in 1742. Married Elizabeth Stevens at
South Hampton, April 2, 1749.

(2) Joseph 4 Quinby, born March 20th, 1720, liv-
ing in Kingston in 1742 ; a tanner.

(3) Enoch 4 Quinby, born September 8th, 1723.

All these children, as well as Hannah Quinby, (see
p. 63), were baptised in Salisbury, Second Church,
August 16, 1730 (Hoyt, p. 432).

Robert 2 Quinby (Robt 1 .) lived in Amesbury. Was
given a seat in the meeting house, 1699 (Merrill, Hist,
of Amesbury, p. 142). "The five late constables,"
one of whom was Robert 2 Quinby, were on October
1 8th, 1708, "ordered prosecuted for not making up
their accounts according to law" (Merrill, p. 159).

(a) Joseph 3 Quinby, (Robt. 2 Robt. 1 ) "eldest son"
in 171 5, and was known as "Junior" until 1736, on
account of his uncle Joseph 2 (p. 64).

(b) John 3 Quinby, born Dec. 2, 1686, in Ames-
bury; "2nd son;" died Dec. 28, 1686.

(c) Mary 3 Quinby, born Oct. II, 1687; "1st
daughter;" died Dec. 13, 1687.

(d) Benjamin 3 Quinby, born Jan. 10, 1689/90;
married Dec. 25, 1722, Judith, daughter of Samuel
and Sarah (Rowell) Gould (Hoyt I., 179). Sold
land in Rockingham Co. 1736, to Stephen Webster.
Called "of Salisbury" (N. H. Deeds 60, p. 234).

(e) Hannah 3 Quinby, born Aug. 23, 1692; mar-
ried Jan. 12, 1 7 13/4 at Amesbury, John, son of Thom-
as and Rachel (Barnes) Sargent.

(f) Anne 3 Quinby, born May 23, 1695; married
at Amesbury, Jan. 1, 17 16/7, Joseph, son of Thomas
and Susannah (Guilford) Jewell; and had six chil-
dren (See "Jewell Register.")

John 2 Quinby, (Robt. 1 ) (see p. 64), of Salisbury
was sued in 1704, for encumbering land; (see p. 112)
then called "of Salisbury;" in 171 1 he was called "of
Haverhill." Had:

(a) John 3 Quinby, born July 8, 1688, (Will
of a John Quinby, Jr. [wife Mercy, and two
children] of Kingston, proved May 14, 1755). John
and Mary Quinby of Exeter sold land in Exeter,
March 16, 1730/1 to Jonathan 3 Quinby of the same
place. John had bought and sold land in Exe-
ter as early as 17 19. In 1743, his son John, Jr. and
Daniel of Brentwood sold land in Exeter.

(b) Jeremiah 3 Quinby, born Aug. 24, 1689; sol-
dier in 1710; married June 14, 1716, at Amesbury,


Hannah, daughter of Samuel George. They resided
in Kingston, N. H., where Jeremiah 3 was an innhol-
der in 1736. He bought land in Kingston in 1717,
and dealt very constantly in land and mill privileges
there, until 1744.

(c) Eleazer 3 Ouinby, born May 13, 1691. Lived
at Hampton Falls, 1746 to 1767, where he was rated
on the tax list (Brown's Hampton Falls, p. 613).
Administration on his estate granted to his widow
Abigail, May 10, 1762.****
****see note

(d) David 3 Ouinby, born July 19, 1693, i s

no doubt the David who married Abigail, daughter
of Thomas Webster, Jr., Dec. 25, 1724. (N. E. H.
and G. Reg. IX., 160). David's brother Jeremiah 3
had gone to Kingston to live after his marriage to Han-
nah George, in 1716, and the records of the First
Church in Kingston, begun by Rev. Ward Clark, on
his arrival, Sept. 29, 1725, show there were then two
families of the name in Kingston, the heads of which
were respectively, Jeremiah Quinby and David Quin-
by (N. H. Gen. Rec. Vols. I-IV). By this date
David 3 had had one child (1), infant 4 , died May 10,
1736 ("David Quinby lost a child with this mortal

The Rev. Mr. Ward baptised other children of Da-
vid's at the First Church, as follows:

(2) Alice 4 Ouinby baptised Jan. 22, 1727.
She was married May 8, 1745, by the same
minister at Kingston, to Timothy Sanborn.

(3) David 4 Quinby, baptised Jan. 30, 1732,
married by the Rev. Joseph Secomb, at King-
ston, to Mary Wadleigh, Nov. 19, 1755.

Other Baptisms at the same place were pro-
bably also of children of David Quinby as fol-
lows :


(4) Samuel 4 Quinby, Jan. 5, 1729. He
married Anne Young, at Kingston May 24,


(5) Sarah 4 Quinby, June 1, 1735.

(e) Sarah 3 Quinby, born Mar. 31, 1695.

(f) Robert 3 Quinby, born Dec. 13, 1701. Mar-
ried Dec. 16, 1725, Judith, daughter of Benjamin and
Sarah Sanborn, of Hampton Falls (Dow's History of
Hampton, p. 947). They then moved from Hampton
Falls to Weare, via Hawke (now Danville,) (Brown's
History of Hampton Falls, p. 130).

(g) Jonathan 3 Quinby, born June 12, 1704. Prob-
ably lived in Exeter, and married Mercy, daughter
of Nathaniel Dearborn, of Kensington, who mentions
daughter of Mercy Quinby in his will, Oct. 24, 1754
(N. H. Provincial Probate Records), and had:

(1) Sarah 4 Quinby, born Feb. 20, 1732/3.

(2) James 4 Quinby, born Apr. 12, 1736.

(3) Jonathan 4 Quinby, born Feb. 12, 1741
(Bell's History of Exeter).

(h) Jacob 3 Quinby, born Mar. 13, 1706/7, al-
though young was perhaps the Jacob reported by Col.
Westbrook, as deceased Mar. 24, 1723
(Register, vol.
45, p. 218).

(i) Jethro 3 Quinby, born *

Joseph 3 Quinby (Robt. 2 , Robt. 1 ) (see p. 104), had;

( 1 ) Joseph 4 Ouinby I . ,

/ n ^ • • a r\ • 1. r twins, born 171 S-

(2) Benjamin 4 Ouinby I ' ^

*The Salisbury Record states Nov. 27, 1710, which
is impossible if his mother was Mary (Mudgett)


(3) Ann 4 Quinby, born July 6, 17 18.

(4) Hannah 4 Quinby, born Oct. 11, 1721, died un-
married Sept. 14, 1786 (for her will see p. 108).

(5) Daniel 4 Quinby, born July 28, 1723; died in

(6) Robert 4 Quinby, born Apr. 5, 1725.

(7) Daniel 4 Quinby, born Dec. 8, 1729. "Lieut."
on gravestone in Union Cemetery, Amesbury, where
he is buried with his wife Sarah. He died Nov. 18,
1791, age 62; she died Sept 12, 1770, ae. 43 (I. Ess.
Ant., 164). She was the daughter of Richard Fitts
of South Hampton, and was born Nov. 27, 1727 (Reg-
ister, v. 22, p. 163). They were married by Rev.
Joseph Secomb of the First Church at Kingston, Jan.
1, 1 750/1 (N. H. Gen. Rec). She was admitted to
Amesbury First Church, May 2, 1756 (Hoyt).

(8) (?) Mary 4 Quinby (divisional deed, 1754), a
Mary, said to be the daughter of this Joseph 3 , said to
have been born Mar. 16, 171 2.

Benjamin 3 Quinby (Robt. 2 , Robt. 1 ) had

(1) Benjamin 4 Quinby, born Jan. 26, 1723/4; mar-
ried Feb. 25, 1748, Elizabeth Lowell in South Hamp-
ton; was received into full communion, Amesbury
First Church, July 2, 1749. His wife Elizabeth was,
July 23, 1749, received from the church at South
Hampton, N. H. (Hoyt, p. 490). Lived in Hopkin-
ton, N. H. Sold the homestead of his father Ben-
jamin 3 , of Amesbury, in 1774.

(2) Jonathan 4 Quinby, born Aug. 15, 1726. With
his wife Ruth was received into communion 1764,
Amesbury First Church. With his brother Benjamin 4 ,
sold his father's homestead in Amesbury in 1774.


Philip 3 Quinby (Jos. 2 , Robt. 1 ) (see pp. 62, 64) had

(1) Henry 4 Quinby, born Dec., 1730; died young.

(2) Henry 4 Quinby, born Dec. 3, 1730/1 ; died

(3) Joseph 4 Quinby, born May 23, 1733; died

(4) Philip 4 Quinby, born June, 1735; died young.

(5) Betty 4 Quinby, bap. Feb. 20, 1737, at Ames-
bury First Church.

The foregoing are those under the tombstones in the
Union Cemetery at Amesbury, the data on which are
as follows:

Joseph Quinby, died Mar. 23, 1736, "in ye thi s yer
of his age."

Henry Quinby, died Mar. 15, 1735/6, ae. 5 y. and

3 m -

Philip Quinby, died same day, ae. 9 mo. (Ess. Ant.,
I., 164 ; II., 11 ). They were baptised privately by rea-
son of dangerous sickness, Mar. 12, 1735 (Hoyt, II.,

(6) Anne 4 Quinby, born Mar. 19, 1743.

(7) Eleanor 4 Quinby, born Sept. 2j, 1748.

(To be continued.)

Will of Hannah 4 Quinby.

(Jos. 3 , Robt. 2 , Robt. 1 )

[In envelope 23157, Salem Records. Hannah Quin-
by, paper 1 (2) ]

Last will and testament of Hannah Quinby of Ames-
bury County Essex, State, Mass. spinster, Recommend
soul to God etc. As to temporal estate, I dispose as
follows :


I give and bequeath to my beloved niece Lydia the
wife of Joseph Osgood of Salisbury 1/2 of whole
estate both real and personal, with the limitations here-
after mentioned, and my will is that toward furnish-
ing her half she shall have my whole personal estate,
(Viz) my wearing apparell, househould furniture, pro-
visions of the house and stock of cattle and whatever
may be considered as personal estate. I give to my
beloved nephew, Robert 5 Quinby son of my brother
Daniel 4 Quinby, the other half of my whole estate, with
limitations following, his half shall be out of my land
and if there shall be need the division shall be made
by committee interchangeably chosen by each legatee.
I order the legatees afsd. in one month after my death,
to pay in equal proportions ten dollars in silver money
to Elizabeth daughter of David Hoyt of Amesbury
daughter of my sister Hoyt. I order my nephew Rob-
ert Quinby and my niece Lydia, wife of Joseph Os-
good, to pay my just debts, and charge of decent
funeral. I appoint said Robert Quinby and Lydia
wife Joseph Osgood my executors of this my last will
and testament and hereby revoke all others.

Amesbury Aug. 28, 1786.


Signed sealed etc in Presence of us
Thomas Hibbert
Ezekiel Jones
Philip Jones


After writing above testator before signing etc made
following Alteration that Robert Quinby should take
the stock towards his half of premises contained in
will, together with hay produced this year.


(See p. 82.)

(Sesp. 27.)


To all people to whom these presents shall come Ben-
jamin Greenleaf Judge Probate in County within
Comm. Mass.

Know that on twenty-fifth day Sept 1786 this in-
strument with codicil being- last will or testament Han-
nah Quinby Amesbury, spinster, presented by Robert
Ouinby for probate, then present Ezekiel Jones, Philip
Jones, two of witnesses thereto subscribed who being
of Quakers, declared that they heard testatrix sign,
seal and declare this her last will & testament, and that
Rev. Thomas & sd Philip and Ezekiel, subscribe name
as witnesses.

I do approve and allow sd instrument as last will
etc. of deed, and commit administration thereof to
Robert Ouinby executor to administer estate of de-
ceased to exhibit inventory by the last Monday Sept

I hereunto set my hand & seal
date above written


[Paper No. 3.]

Account of administration of Estate of Hannah
Ouinby of Amesbury deed., March 10, 1808.

[Paper No. 2 (2) ]

Inventory estate of Hannah Ouinby of Amesbury
deed. March 26, 1787.

[Paper No. 1] Bond of Robert Quinby executor
Sept. 25, 1786.

[Paper No. 2.]

Essex ss to Mess Simeon Bartlet Ezekiel Jones All
of Amesbury in sd. County

You are hereby appointed a Committee to apprize
on oath all Estate Hannah Ouinby of Amesbury deed,
make return of doings with warrant to Registry Office
of Court Probate Given under my hand 25 Sept 1786.



The following story comes to light through an ex-
amination of old court records at Salem, which the
Editor recently caused to be searched, bundle by
bundle, for data on the Quinby family. This was a
tedious task as patriotism and antiquarian interest in
old Essex has not yet been sufficient to cause these
invaluable records to be classified and indexed.

In Salisbury, July 24, 1703, Isaac Morrill of that
town sued John 2 Quinby for four pounds damages for
cutting down four trees on Morrill's land, and sum-
moned him for the next Common Pleas Court. Two
months later Morrill got his judgment at Newbury
and his bill of costs is on file.

John Quinby, nothing daunted, took his appeal at
the Superior Court of Judicature, held at Salem in
October of the same year. It seems that Morrill must
have taken his judgment by default, for John said he
had brought forward his action "for I entered action,
paid Justice for case, and he sent it by Captain Wad-
ley; this is all the law doth oblige me."

It is reasonable to suppose that John Quinby was
successful on his appeal to the extent of the granting
of a new trial, for judgment was again given against
him at the Inferior Court of Common Pleas in No-
vember, 1704, which he appealed April 30, 1705.

Meanwhile, Isaac Morrill was not content with his
victory on account of the tree cutting. He took out ao
attachment, Nov. 9, 1704, against John Quinby and
a body attachment at that, for the sum of twenty
pounds — five times his former demand — this time as
only surviving executor of his father, Abraham 1 Mor-
rill ; his mother Sarah, the other executor, being dead.

He claimed that John Quinby "hath illegally entered
by fencing, building, and planting three or four years
past, and doth refuse to deliver to plaintiff possession
of land containing about three acres." This land was
bounded by land of William Osgood (see p. 74) on


the east, and was otherwise surrounded by the Abra-
ham Morrill homestead. Needless to say, John Quinby
pleaded not guilty, as they called it on the record. The
outcome of the suit we must conjecture; but an exam-
ination of the documents on file as exhibits in the case
will be of interest.

First, Isaac presented his father's will, dated June
18, 1662, recorded Dec. 5, 1662, showing his appoint-
ment as executor. It is interesting to note that he got
it probated only for the purposes of his suit against
John Quinby, Jan. 31, 1703-4.

Second, John Quinby showed a deed or bill of sale
from Temperance Mudgett, to her brother-in-law, John
Quinby, of Salisbury, dated Dec. 11, 1702, of all she
might recover from her deceased father or mother
Mudgett's estate; she acknowledged Nov. 1, 1704.
Temperance Mudgett was the daughter of Sarah, the
widow of Abraham 1 Morrill, by her first husband. In
other words she was the step-sister of the plaintiff, and
we may reasonably understand this law suit to have
been an attempt by her to get from her step-father's
estate what she claimed was her mother's property;
her assignment to John Quinby was to make him the
defendant, so that she might have his arm for her
service. John Quinby had married her sister, Mary
Mudgett, (see p. 64).

Then follows what is certified to be a true copy of
the Salisbury town book of the dates of birth of Abra-
ham and Sarah Morrill's children, as follows:

Isaac, born 10th, 5 mo., 1646.

Jacob, born 24th, 6 mo., 1648.

Sarah, born 14th, 8 mo., 1650.

Abraham, born 14th, 9 mo., 1652.

Moses, born 28th, 10 mo., 1655.

Lydia, born 8th, 1 mo., 1660.

Hipzibah, born — 11 mo., 1662, ("daughter of
Abraham Morrill and Sarah, his widow.")


Also a true copy of the Salisbury record of the death
of "Mrs. Sarah Mudgett, alias Morrill, wife of Mr.
Tho: Mudgett, departed this life August, 1694."
(Endorsed: Sarah Morrills' death.)

Also a certified copy of the record of Salisbury
births as follows: "Mary, daughter of Tho: Mudgett
and Sarah, his wife; was born 30; 2d mo; 1667."

Next follows a deposition sworn in court at Salem
Nov. 28, 1704, by two witnesses to the effect that for
three or four years past, John Ouinby had dwelt on the
land in question and had built upon it and planted it;
and that the land was worth twelve pounds.

The Judge of probate, in March, 1694, had been
petitioned for a division of Abraham Morrill's estate
by the heirs and in accordance with the will apportion-
ed half to widow Sarah, the other half to be divided
among the children, Isaac to have a double share.
They were unable to make a choice of shares among
them and the judge appointed on June 25, 1694, a com-
mittee of five to make the division which they did,
Sept. 28, 1694; and these papers are also a part of the
record in the suit between Isaac Morrill and John

****NOTE:  This Eleazer QUINBY is not Eleazer, son of John & Mary (Mudgett), as he removed to Virginia/North Carolina area very early on; Eleazer QUINBY "of Hampton Falls" and who married Abigail unknown was Eleazer, born 1728, son of Robert & Judith (Sanborn) QUINBY
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