David6 (Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2)
Pedigree compiled by Henry Cole Quinby

David Quimby footstone and headstone

153. David6 Quimby (Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born March 3, 1771 at Hawke, now Danville, New Hampshire, and died May 9th, 1847 at Candia, New Hamphshire. He married Sarah SCRIBNER, of Candia, New Hampshire, October 12, 1795 in Candia,  she died at Candia July 10th, 1828, according to HCQ, as he cites Sarah SCRIBNER was a widow and of Candia,  however Volume One The History of the town of Candia, compiled by William Churchill Reade, Pastor of the Congregational Church and Society of Candia Hill , New Hampshire to be kept with the Church and Pairsh records, January 1, 1887  cites she was the daughter of Lt. Samuel SCRIBNER.  Henry Cole Quinby also notes David6 was reported to have served in the War of 1812.


413. 1. John7 Quimby, born October 16, 1794 at Candia, N. H.;
414. II. Samuel7 Quimby, born June 21, 1796 at Candia, N. H.;
III. Margaret7 Quimby, born September 25, 1802 at Candia, N. H.;
415. IV. Timothy7 Quimby, born December 21, 1804 at Candia, N. H.'
416. V. Benjamin7 Quimby, born June 9, 1806 at Candia, N. H.;
VI. Polly7 Quimby, born October 20, 1808 at Candia, N. H.,
probably the Polly Quimby who married Timothy GLEASON, and
resided and raised a family in Candia and Raymond, NH
417. VII. Smith7 Quimby, born March 28, 1810, died Oct. 19, 1811 at Candia, N. H.;
VIII. Nancy7 Quimby, born July 14, 1812 at Candia, N. H;
IX . Smith7 Quimby, born March 28, 1814.


413. John7 Quimby
(David6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born October 16, 1795 at Candia, New Hampshire.

414. Samuel7 Quimby
(David6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born June 21, 1796 at Candia, New Hampshire.

415. Timothy7 Quimby
(David6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born December 21, 1804 at Candia, New Hampshire. Timothy married Elizabeth "Eliza/Betsey" R. BROWN, daughter of Jonathan an Hannah (Randall) BROWN, March 10, 1834 at Candia, N. H. His children were born in Raymond, New Hamphsire, and he later removed to Deerfield, New Hampshire, which is where he died, January 16, 1872 and Eliza died April 3, 1887, both are buried in Deerfield.


948. I. John Manson8 Quimby, born June 30, 1835 at Raymond, N. H.;
949.II. Albert F.8 Quimby, born April 30, 1837;
III. Angeline E.8 Quimby born abt. 1840,
 Joseph T. WHITE (5 sons);

IV. Rosina E.8 Quimby born abt. 1842 at Raymond, N. H,
~married first~
and had daughter
~married second~
 Thomas J. LANGLEY 
and had three more daughters.;
V. David M.8 Quimby, born about 1845 at Raymond, N. H,
never married,
 died August 20, 1862, Hilton Head, South Carolina serving in the War.;
950. VI. Jonathan Brown8 Quimby, born 1848.

416. Benjamin7 Quimby
(David6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born June 9, 1806 at Candia, New Hampshire. Benjamin married Abigail (DAVIS) SANBORN. In 1840 & 1850 he is living in Candia with his wife and family. Benjamin died December 18th, 1855.


I. Laura8 Quimby, born 1834
II. John8 Quimby, born 1838
III. Mary F.8 Quimby, born 1845.

417. Smith7 Quimby
(David6, Samuel5, David4, John3, Robert2), born March 28, 1814 at Candia, New Hampshire. Living in 1850 at Candia with wife Clarissa Ann Sarah FISH, daughter of Joseph and Clarissa (Shattuck) FISH. By 1860 Smith7 and family are living in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, and remain in Amesbury through 1870, then found in Merrimac, Essex, Massachusetts, in 1880. Smith7 died in Merrimac in 1889 and Clarissa died there in 1892.


I. Ida8 Quimby, born 1856, N. H., d. 1921 @ Goffstown, N.H.;
1. Edward BOLSER
i. William G.9 BOLSER, b. 1875;
ii. Myrtie M.9 BOLSER, b. 1878;

2. Frank H. BARTLETT (1901)


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