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Reverend Moses Quimby

History and Genealogy of the Quimby Family

This website is dedicated to aid and assist in all research and/or documentation of the Quimby and Quinby families, (including all spellings)  primarily, but not exclusively.  The first 2 volumes of Quimby/Quinby Family History were written by Henry Cole Quinby and published  in the early 1900's. Both of these volumes are still in print and may be ordered at Higginson Books in Boston. Henry Cole Quinby was also compiling a third volume at the time of his sudden death, unfortunately, this volume was in manuscript only, and has not been found where he designated it to be held. However, he did leave us a working outline to study and thus allow us to proceed to fill in the gaps, this is where my work began, as the branch of the family I needed to locate, was included in the manuscript only, the only option I could see was to try to recompile the missing manuscript, fondly to be referred to as Volume 3. As my work has proceeded I have also found additional data that apply to Volumes 1 and 2, which I will include herein as Addendums to each volume.

This is a 'work in progress' so all data is subject to change and/or edit, but gladly shared. There are several areas where family data is still missing and/or yet unconnected, and these are areas I hope to close the gap on as we get established here online. Questions, dialog, submissions, as well as suggestions are all welcomed and appreciated.

-Dee McNeil-

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