family notes

Captain Benjamin CASS (1738-1804)
(Benjamin4, Jonathan3, Capt. Joseph2, John1)

m1. Elizabeth MORRILL
m2. Mary TOWLE

children by first marriage:

I. Betsey
II. Samuel, b. 1765;
III. Sarah, b. 1767;
IV. Benjamin II., b. 1770 - see below -
V. Jonathan b. 1772,
1. Sarah FITTS
2. Abigail DOW;

VI. Levi, b. 1774,  - see below -
VII. John, b. 1775,
 Semima FLAGG


Benjamin CASS II
(dau of Jacob5 Quimby and Anne ROBIE)


I. Polly CASS, b. 1799,
 Peleg TAFT
II. Bestey CASS, b. 1801 Candia, NH;
III. child  CASS, b. 1803;
IV. Jacob CASS, b. 1804, Candia, NH;
V. Jeremiah CASS, b. 1806, Candia, NH;
VI. Nancy CASS, b. 1808, Candia, NH;
VII. Belinda CASS, b. 1811, Candia, NH;
VIII. Benjamin CASS< b. 1815, Candia, NH.


Mehitable MOORE**
(dau of Coffin and Comfort (Weeks) MOORE  )


I. Rectina CASS;
II. Ira CASS, b. 1797, VT - see below -
III. Francis CASS, b. 1799, Candia, NH;
IV. Agnes M. CASS, b. 1801, Candia, NH;
V. Cyrus CASS, b. 1803, Candia, NH;
VI. Harrison CASS, b. 1806, Candia, NH;
VII. Harriett Eastman CASS, b. 1808, Candia, NH;
VIII. Mary Ann CASS, b. 1815;
IX. Albert Dillingham CASS, b. 1818;
X. Jarius CASS, b. 1820, died 1828 Franklin, ME.

**Mary MOORE, sister of Mehitable married John QUIMBY, brother of Anne QUINBY, above, who mareeid Levi's CASS' brother Benjamin CASS.


(1797-1857 or 1886)
1. Elizabeth MONLUX/MULICK, d/o Samuel
?2. Diana LAUGHTON


by first marriage:

I. Clarissa CASS, b. 1817 Muskingum, OH;
II. Sarah CASS, b. 1818 Muskingum, OH;
III. Mariah CASS, b. 1819,

IV. Lewis W. CASS, b. 1822,

V. Susan L. CASS. b. 1827, Muskingum, OH;
VI. Ann CASS, b. 1830, Muskingum, OH;
VII. Lucinda CASS, b. 1831, Muskingum, OH;
VIII. Ezra CASS, b. 1834, OH - see below -
IX. Ira Cass II., b. 1835 OH,

X. Martin, b. 1837, Lewanee, MI;

?by second marriage:

XI. Frances Jane CASS, b. 1828, ME

XII.  John M. CASS, b. 1831, ME;
XIII. Mary Elizabeth CASS, b. 1830, ME,
XIV. Charles L. CASS, b. 1835, ME;
XV. Sarah A. CASS, b. 1838, ME:
XVI. Emma M. CASS, b. 1840, ME.

[note: I believe 2 Ira CASS' may be blended, as both men with full families are enumerated in 1850, one in Michigan and the other in Maine. Both have numerous children born during the same years, one between Ohio and Michigan, the other within the state of Maine. Also my notes show Ira CASS who married Elizabeth MONLUX died October 19, 1857 and another entry cites the Ira CASS who married Diana LAUGHLIN died 1886. I belive the later date applies to the Ira CASS of Maine, not of Michigan. Research is ongoing to clarify the confusion; if you have any information to help, please contact me.

Census listings


Martha LEWIS
(d/o John & Sarah (Weller) LEWIS)


I. Lewis L. CASS, b. 1859;
II. Emma CASS, b. 1864, Newaygo, MI;
III. John CASS, b. 1868, Newaygo, MI;
IV. Charles CASS, b. 1869, Newaygo, MI;
V. Anna CASS, b. 1874;
VI. Edna CASS. b. 1875;
VII. Walter CASS, b. 1878;
VIII. Martie/Mattie CASS, b. 1879/80.


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