Robert4 Quimby

Robert4 (John3, Robert2)

19. Robert4 Quimby (John3, Robert2), born December 13, 1701 and died in 1747, m. Judith "Jude" SANBORN, dau of Benjamin and Sarah (Worcester) Sanborn.

Sons who had descendants:

57. I. Benjamin5 Quimby, born 1726;
58. II. Eleazer5 Quimby, born 1728;
59. III. Robert5 Quimby, born 1729;
60. IV. John5 Quimby, born 1731;
61. V. Asahel5 Quimby, born 1735;
62, VI. Elisha5 Quimby, born 1738;
63. VII. Jacob5 Quimby, born 1740;
64. VIII. Jeremiah5 Quimby, born 174-;
      IX. Anna5 "Hannah" Quimby, born May 9, 1733,
 Jeremiah EASTMAN;
      X. Jemime5 Quimby, born 1747 at Hampton Falls, N. H.,
      XI. Sarah5 Quimby, born April 30,1743 at Hampton Falls, N. H,
Robert PIKE.


57. Benjamin5 Quimby, (Robert4, John3, Robert2) born 1726 at Salisbury or Amesbury, Mass., died 1758 in Queen Anne's county, Maryland, as did Sarah Quimby, evidently his widow or daughter.

Probate Records, Colonial Index, Q 1634-1777, SE4017
Maryland Archives

Benjamin QUIMBY
Queen Anne’s
Liber 42
Folio 37

Benjamin QUIMBY
Queen Anne’s
No. 2114

Benajmin QUIMBY
Queen Anne’s
Liber 2
Folio 93

Benjamin QUIMBY
Queen Anne’s
Liber 64
Folio 331

Queen Anne’s
Liber 42
Folio 37

Known Children:

I. John Queen6 Quimby, born between 1740-1750;
II. James6 Quimby.

58. Eleazer5 Quimby (Robert4, John3, Robert2), born 1727/8  at Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, lived at Salisbury, N. H. at the Robert Quimby house, between 1747 and 1767, his name then disappears from Salisbury as he then settled in Plainfield, N. H.. His wife was named Abigail -------.


168. I. Eleazer6 Quimby, born 1759, d. 1808;
169. II. Ebenezer6 Quimby, b. 1755;

Probable Daughters:

III.  "Nabby" (Abigail)6 Quimby
~Nov. 16, 1797 at Salisbury, NH~
(Mrs. Wm. M. PIERCE)

IV. Polly6 Quimby
~Oct. 14, 1798 at Salisbury, NH~
William COUCH
i. Sally COUCH
(Mrs. Daniel SARGENT)
ii. Sophronia  
(Mrs. John GREELEY)
iii. Hannah
(Mrs. True FLANDERS)
iv. Abigail  
(1.Mrs CURRIER, 2. Mrs COUCH)
v. Daniel  
(1m. Mary DAVIS, 2m. Edna AUSTIN)
vi. Albert J .
(1m. Ruth SARGENT, 2m Abbie B. SMITH)
vii. Mary  
(Mrs. Humphrey JACKMAN)
viii. Emily M.
(Mrs. Alfred HILLIARD)
ix. Simeon
 (m. Rosamond COLBY)

V. ?Dolla6 Quimby,
b. abt. 1800, d. 1894 Dunbarton
Feb. 21, 1814 at Salisbury, NH~
Joseph S. HOLT

59. Robert5 Quimby (Robert4, John3, Robert2), born 1729, noted a relative of Joseph Henry RANDALL.

60. John5 Quimby (Robert4, John3, Robert2), born 1731 at Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. No surviving children known.

61. Asahel5 Quimby (Robert4, John3, Robert2), born September 28, 1735 Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. All of his children were born in Candia, N. H. he married first in 1761 to Huldah GREENE, dau of Bradbury and Meribah (Sanborn) Greene, and he married second, October 6, 1772 to Mrs. Elizabeth (HARPER) SMITH, Asahel died January 10, 1776.


170. I. Elisha6 Quimby, born 1763 at Candia, N. H.;
171. II. Bradbury6 Quimby, born 1764 at Candia, N. H.;
172. III. Harper6 Quimby, born 1774 at Candia, N. H.;
      IV. Sarah6 Quimby, born April 13, 1766 at Candia, N. H.,
 Gilbert PIERCE died 1845 Clark Co., Ohio;
      V. Mary6 Quimby, born May 6, 1768 at Candia, N. H.;’
      VI. Dolley6 Quimby, born May 19, 1770 at Candia, N. H.

62. Elisha5 Quimby (Robert4, John3, Robert2), born March 7, 1738 Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, married Abigail CLARK, March 10, 1756 at Kensington, N. H. by Jeremiah Fogg.
Elisha Quimby died in December 1760 at Hampton Falls, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire, at age 22 from smallpox contracted "in the service or in his returning home, being taken sick with that distemper about nine or ten days after his return". His brother Eleazer took care of him during his illness and petitioned the state of NH for the expenses.
 Eleazer Quimby of Hampton Falls - Administration of the estate of Elisha Quinby of Kingston NH was undertaken in 1761 by Eleazer and he  presented an inventory on April 22, 1761.
 No known sons.

63. Jacob5 Quimby (Robert4, John3, Robert2), born June 20, 1740 Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. 
Jacob5 married Anne ROBIE, dau of John and Ann (Williams) ROBIE, widow of Lt. Jonathan TOWLE. (Anne later remarried a third time to James VARNUM). Jacob5 was a raised in a regiment from Chester, N. H. in 1760 that was sent to invade Canada, he served as 2nd Lt. of Nixon's Mass. Regiment from May to December 1775 and enlisted as 2nd Lt. of the 5th Continental infantry from January 1 to December 31, 1776, during which he died in August or September 11, 1776 while in service. (death details, dates and locations have not been found) Probate records indicate that in 1776 a Renunciation, and in 1776 the Administration of his estate is assigned, bonded with sureties and witnessed, committee named, and values given by committee and oaths taken. Two years pass before there is further record in which we find in January of 1778 the Account is detailed and the Administrix (Anna Robie Quimby) is given an account for the maintenance of two children, Dower is listed in November 1778 by committee with oaths taken and they divide the estate. The three younger children were set under guardianship of Col. Stephen DEARBORN, but in 1788 a Guardianship petition is filed and Anna, John and Sarah QUIMBY chose Walter ROBIE as their guardian.

Sons born Candia, N. H.:

173. I. Jonathan6 Quimby, born September 18, 1767;
174. II. John6 Quimby, born September 8, 1769.
       III. Anna6 Quimby, born June 27, 1774,
 Benjamin CASS, 8 children;
       IV. Sarah6 Quimby, born January 1, 1772,
 Jonathan BROWN, rem. To Stanstead, P. Q.

64. Jeremiah5 Quimby (Robert4, John3, Robert2), born 1742 at Salisbury, Mass., married first, January 4, 1769 to Mary HOOK at Hawke, N. H., married secondly to Margaret SMITH, September 10, 1778 at Candia, N. H.

Sons born at Candia, N. H.:

175. I. Jacob 
Hook6 Quimby, born 1776 at Candia, N. H.;
176. II. Abraham6 Quimby, born December 7, 1778 at Candia, N. H.;
177. III. Aaron6 Quimby, born May 15, 1784 at Candia, N. H. ;
178. IV. Jeremiah6 Quimby, born March 6, 1786 at Candia, N. H.;
      V. Mary6 Quimby, born March 31, 1774 at Candia, N. H.;
      VI. Mehitable6 Quimby, born September 3, 1782 at Candia, N. H.;’
      VII. Hannah6 Quimby, born August 5, 1772 at Candia, N. H.;
      VIII. Jemime6 Quimby, born January 4, 1770 at Candia, N. H.;
      IX. Elizabeth6 Quimby, born May 27, 1780 at Candia,
      X. Maroa6 Quimby.


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