James6 Quimby

[Benjamin5, Robert4, John3, Robert2]

James6 Quimby (Benjamin5, Robert4, John3, Robert2), born about 1740 and died  by 1819 - see court entry- married May 26, 1761 at Baltimore to Sarah GARITT.  His descendants headed West, as it appears his sons migrated through Virginia and settled in Kentucky and Missouri respectively.


[birth order not defined]

I. Robert7 Quimby, born before 1775;
II. Josiah7 Quimby;
III. Stephen7 Quimby;
IV. James7 Quimby.


Maryland Court Entry

5034: Matthew Tilghman vs. William Primrose, Sarah (Quimby) Primrose, James J. Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Sophia Primrose, Elijah Quimby, Ann Quimby, and Henrietta Quimby. KE. Estate of James Quimby - lots in Chestertown.
Accession No.: 17,898-5034 MSA S512-6- 5178 Location: 1/37/1/


Robert7 Quimby
(James6, Benjamin5, Robert4, John3, Robert2) born about 1758/9 migrated from Virginia to Missouri to Illinois, possibly passing briefly through Louisiana. He served in the Revolutionary War in Morgan's Rangers, and he is most likely the Robert Quimby who served in Wallace's Boatmen during the War of 1812, although the later could be his son. He is enumerated in 1820 in Shelby county, Tennessee, aged over 45, with one male aged 26-45 (son or younger brother), and 2 males aged 10-16, also with spouse aged over 45 and 2 females aged 16-26. 


I. Son8 Quimby

Bureau county, Illinois

Robert QUIMBY at Macon, Bureau, ILL
Land warrant granted 10-6-1817
Served in Watson’s Artillery, Daniel Morgan Rangers, Rev. War
160 acres
Section 20
Meridian 4
South of Buda, west of Indiantown

[Daniel Morgan was born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1736 and later settled in western Virginia. He was a wagoner in General Braddock's disastrous expedition against Fort Duquesne in 1755.
Commissioned a captain in 1775, he raised a company of rifleman and joined the Continental Army outside Boston, Massachusetts. He volunteered his company for Benedict Arnold's Quebec campaign. When Arnold was wounded at Quebec, Morgan took command and was later captured by the British. He was freed through a prisoner exchange in 1776 and was promoted to colonel.
His famed "Morgan's Rangers" of sharpshooters distinguished themselves in the American victory at Saratoga. Passed by for promotion, Morgan retired from the army in 1779, but was recalled in 1780 and was made a brigadier general. In a brilliant victory at the battle of Cowpens in South Carolina, he defeated the numerically superior British forces.
After the war, Morgan served as a Federalist Congressman from 1797 to 1799. He died in Winchester, Virginia on July 6, 1802.]

 Also see entry for Robert QUIMBY
on the Roster for Wallace's Boatmen, service during War of 1812.
This unit escorted British prisoners to Natchez after the Battle of New Orleans


The Spanish Regime in Missouri

ROBERT QUIMBY came from Virginia. He was a (forgeron) blacksmith at the foot of the hills, about 35 miles north of New Madrid, near where the Friends lived on the "Illinois road." STEPHEN QUIMBY and JOSIAH QUIMBY, who lived five miles below Cape Girardeau, were his relatives.

All three Quimby's were living in Missouri prior to 1800.


Josiah7 Quimby
(James6, Benjamin5, Robert4, John3, Robert2).


Stephen7 Quimby
(James6, Benjamin5, Robert4, John3, Robert2).


James7 Quimby
(James6, Benjamin5, Robert4, John3, Robert2), is living in Kentucky by 1800 and migrates between Kentucky and Washington county Tennessee primarily.
[See: James Quimby of Tennessee and Kentucky for probable connection]

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