James Quimby

 Washington, TN
Barren, KY

James Quimby enumerated in Kentucky on the 1800 census, but not found thereafter.
(Probably the James Quimby who died prior to 1819)
[see for comparison: James6, Benjamin5, Robert4, John3, Robert2]

had son:

James7 Quimby, born 1798, probably New York or Delaware, but noted "of Washington, Tennessee", in 1823, and married first at Washington county, Tennessee in 1826, to Elizabeth CHANEY, and married secondly November 8, 1848 to Jemima (Layne) SKERLOCK, in Barren, Kentucky, she 
also "of Barren, Kentucky and Washington, Tennessee", daughter of Robert David and Mary (Chapman) LAYNE who came from Jackson, Tennessee, and granddaughter of David and Sarah Hannah (Merchant) LAYNE of Massachusetts.  James is  living in Washington county, Tennessee in 1830 with spouse and one son under 5 and one daughter under 5. By 1850 he is found in Monroe county, Kentucky, a merchant by trade, in 1860 in Tompkinsville, Monroe, Kentucky, and now a wagon maker by trade and by 1870 in Wyandotte, Kansas.


I. Malinda8 Quimby, born 1830/1, married Macajah BRITT, living in Barren county in 1860 and 1870.
[with children: James, Mary E., Sarah F., Malinda, Elizabeth and Florence BRITT]

II. James Byns/Byers8 Quimby
, born 1827, married July 22, 1847 in Barren, Kentucky to Elizabeth  HOGAN, he "of Washington, Tennessee". They are living in Barren, Kentucky in 1850. By 1860 he is living in Glasgow, Barren, Kentucky, by 1870 in Boone, Warrick, Indiana, and by 1880 in  Newton, Missouri.


I. John T.9 Quimby , born 1848, KY
 Amanda J. unknown
i. Charley10 Quimby, b. 1870, Indiana;
ii. Edwin10 Quimby, b. 1872, Missouri.

II. Mary9 Quimby, born 1850, KY;
III. Eliza A.9 Quimby, born 1853, KY;
IV. George9 Quimby, born 1856, KY;
V. Belle Z. "Belzora"9 Quimby, born 1859, KY;
VI. Ellen9 Quimby, born 1863, KY
VII. Mary Margaret9 Quimby, born 1866, Illinois;

III. Louisa8 Quimby
, born 1837 in TN;

IV. Rutha8 Quimby, born 1839 in Kentucky

III. Martha8 Quimby
, born 1843 in Kentucky.

[Note: In 1865, Barren, Kentucky, Estate of W. H. EVANS fees are charged to James QUINBY; compare to sworn affidavit of one W. H. EVANS on behalf of heirs of Eleazer6 QUIMBY in 1821

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