James6 (James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2)

179. James6 Quimby (James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born 1756 at Brentwood, New Hampshire, died April 22, 1835, at Laconia, New Hampshire;  married first, before 1781 to Mary R. MOULTON (per Mass. Vital Records), and he later married, September 25, 1781 to Sarah MOULTON, married third, September 18, 1827 at New Hampton to Irene CROCKETT, she later remarried to Alexander ROWE. Widow Quimby is enumerated on the 1836 Census of Laconia.  James served in the Revolutionary War:

precedinG Three years men enlisted from fourth militia rg. 1777.

Col. nathan Hale's regt.-absentees:
[Col. Hale was at this time a prisoner of war in New York]
 Ebenr quimby of candia
james quimby of brentwood

Rev war Rolls - Brentwood
Zechariah quimby, may 1777, of brentwood, capt. gray's company.
james quimby, may 1777, of brentwood, capt. Rowels company.

The Cemeteries Around Lake Winnipesaukee cites the following:  

"James Quimby (1835), Baisdell Cemetery.
A native of Brentwood, James Quimby saw extensive battle action during the Revolution and afterward practiced the trade of a shoemaker. Serving for nearly five years during the War, Quimby fought in the First New Hampshire Regiment under Col. John Stark at Bunker Hill in 1775. From 1776 to 1780 he fought in Poor and Hale's Second New Hampshire Regiment at the battles of Hubbardton, Saratoga and Monmouth."

Also see his file in the Military Documents page for full details.


I. James7 Quimby, born 1779 at Salisbury, Mass.;
II.  John Moulton7 Quimby, born about 1780 at Hampton, New Hamsphire;
III. Sally7 Quimby, born June 5, 1785 at Ipswich, Mass
 Abel CURRIER, 1804 at Ipswich, Mass.
IV. *Benjamin M.7 Quimby, born 1789-1793;
V. ?Polly7 Quimby, born 1796
John DOCKHAM, 1815 at Gilford, NH

VI. *Elijah7 Quimby, born about 1795;
VII. *Jonathan7 Quimby, born 1798.

James Quimby of Meredith


James7 Quimby (James6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born about 1779, at Essex, Salisbury, Mass, also reported from Meredith, New Hampshire. He married Feb. 11, 1808 at Salisbury, Mass, to Abigail MORRILL, and died January 17, 1861 in Salisbury, Mass. 


I. Abigail8 Quimby, born August 28, 1808 at Salisbury,
John S. HALL
II. William C.  W/M. Q.8 Quimby, born September 20, 1811 at Salisbury,
[Jeweler in Exeter, NH in 1860],
Abigail BAGLEY;
III. James8 Quimby , born November 8, 1813 at Salisbury,

i. Charles Leonard9 Quimby,
born 1845,
Kate unknown;

IV. Zebedee Morrill8 Quimby, born June 28, 1816 at Salisbury,
died April 8, 1896, New York, New York
[1840 Jeweler in Exeter, NH]
[1850 Jeweler in Exeter, NH - sold business to brother David &
headed West to California]
[1860-1890 Jeweler in New York, New York.

 Phebe J. MATHEWS,
1844 at Belfast, Maine


The following Personal Ad
was published in the
New York Times
in April 1, 1859

Gen. Cazneau, Brigadier-General
of the California Militia,
has been convicted of a deadly assault on one
Zebedee M. Quimby.


V. Susannah Morrill8 Quimby, born August 14, 1818 at Salisbury
 Nathaniel DONNELS,
1843 at Salisbury;

VI. David M.8 Quimby, born July 21, 1821, Salisbury
 Jemima Prescott LEAVITT,
1845 at Exeter
i. Francis L.9 Quimby
ii. Betsey H.9 "Bessie" Quimby
iii. William P.9 Quimby
iv. Susan L.9 Quimby
v. Annie L.9 Quimby

VII. Richard Morrill8 Quimby, born Jan. 1824, died Dec. 1824;
VIII. Mary Ann8 Quimby,
b. November 8, 1825 at Salisbury, d. 1907 Revere, Mass.
Chester CRAINE

John Moulton7 Quimby
(James6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born 1780, New Hampshire, died August 31, 1843 at Lowell, Massachusetts, of consumption, aged 63.
Spouse named Sarah, per the 1840 census of Lowell.


I. James8 Quimby, born about 1800, NH, and died 1878 at Laconia, single

1860 living in Gilford, Belknap, NH, aged 60, in household of Benjam LIBBY & family
1870 living in Belmont, Belknap, NH, aged 67 in household of Elmira FOLSOM

II. John8 Quimby, born about 1810, NH,
[living 1850 Gilford, NH, including Achsah Quimby LANGLEY, b. 1764]
[living 1860, Laconia, NH]
[dau of Joel & Sally DOCKHAM]


i. John L.9 Caswell - Quimby, born 1839;
ii.  Sally Ann9 Quimby, born 1844;
iii. James H.9 Quimby, born 1846, died 1924 at Gilford;
iv. Charles L.9 Quimby, born 1848
v. George Frank9 Quimby, born  1850, died 1923 at Gilford.

*Benjamin M.7 Quimby
(?Caleb6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born  1789 (family Bible lists his date of birth as May 28, 1793 in New Hampshire, date of marriage as May 24, 1817 and his date of death as September 2, 1856 in Meredith, New Hampshire). He married Hannah Weston PARKMAN, daughter of Noah & Hannah (Weston) PARKMAN. The family Bible lists her date of birth as June 24, 1799 in Palmyra, Maine and her date of death as August 4, 1868. In 1860

Benjamin M.7 Quimby served in the War of 1812, in the 2nd Regiment (Osgood's) Massachusetts Militia - see Roster for full details.

Hannah sold a land warrant in Chatfield, Fillmore, Minnesota, issued for Benjamin's service in the War of 1812. (see Military Documents for image viewing)  Hannah is buried in the Edson cemetary in Lowell, Mass.

~See sons of Caleb6~

*Elijah7 Quimby
(Caleb6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born about 1795, probably the son of Caleb6 Quimby, but raised by his grandfather, James6, after the death of his parents.

~See sons of Caleb6~

*Jonathan7 Quimby
(Caleb6, James5, Jonathan4, John3, Robert2), born 1798, probably the son of Caleb6, but raised by his grandfather, James5, after the death of his parents.

~See sons of Caleb6~

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