Elouise Annie KING
"Grandma Koch"

She was born in Houma, Louisiana, .May 28, 1873,
and died December 31, 1948, Dallas, TX
    Daughter or Richard & Rebecca (Stringer) KING.

Census records indicate she was 14 years old at the time of her first marriage.

Eloise married first Savel [Serville]. ORGERON, by whom she had 2 children:
Archie A. and Bernice ORGERON.
Eloise  married  Edwin ROSS, before 1900, known children:  
Edward "Eddie", Anthony "Hugo",  Auneull,  Harold ROSS.
Eloise later married, by 1920,  Philip KOCH, a native of Ohio, no known children.

She and Philip migrated from Louisiana to Dallas, TX by 1930.

Census detail for Eloise:

1900 Ward 9, Terrebonne, Louisiana, June 12th

Edwin ROSS, 24, b. LA, both parents b. LA
Eloise, 27, b. LA, both parents b. LA-wife
Eddie**, 2, b. LA, son
Hugo 4 months, b. LA, son

[NOTE: details list Eloise as being married 4 years;
Mother of 5 children, 4 are still living:
Eddie & Hugo ROSS as well as Archie & Bernice ORGERON

**IGI lists: Edwin Joseph Murphey ROSS aka  “Eddie“ ,
b. July 5, 1897, Terrebone, LA,
Son of Cleophas Edwin Joseph ROSS and Eloise Annie KING

Cleophas Edwin Joseph ROSS, b. Jan. 19, 1874 at Terrebonne,
Son of Phillip Alfred ROSS & Marie Unus BUFORD
Marie Unus BUFORD, b. Fb. 5, 1848, m. Aug. 1, 1868, Montegut, Terrebonne, LA.
Phillip Alfred ROSS, d. Mar 14, 1882, s/o William & Marie Anne Estelle (Fromental) ROSS
William ROSS, born Scotland ; Marie Anne Estelle FROMENTAL b. 1819 Plattenville
1. Phillip Alfred, born 1846, LA [m. Marie Unus BUFORD]
2. Rosa born 1851, LA
3. Mathilde, born 1853, LA
4. William Noel, b. 1855, LA, d. 1935 Orange, TX [m. Caroline Marie GASPARD]
5. Mary Louise, born about 1842 [ m. William Franklin PRICE].

1910 7th ward, Lafourche, Louisiana

Mrs. Louise ROSS, 35, m2, md. 13 yrs; had 8 children, only 6 still living
Mother born GA
[enumerated as Housekeeper in household of:
Leonard LEGENDRE, aged 46, WD, with family]

1910 New Orleans, Louisiana

*[1910 Anthony ROSS, aged 10 is inmate in Orphan’s home, 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA]
[1910 Irene ROSS, aged 7 in Female Asylum of the Immaculate Conception, 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA]
[1910 Edward “Eddie” ROSS, aged 13 is inmate in Orphan’s home in 7th Ward, New Orleans, LA]
Philip KOCH is in Mercer, OH in 1910 and 1900, in 1880 at Summit, OH

1920 5th ward, Pct. 2, New Orleans, Orleans, Lousiana

Phillip KOCH, 52, b. OH, parents b. Germany
Eloise A. ROSS, 45, b. LA-wife [mother b. GA]
*Anthony J. ROSS, 19, b. LA, son
Auneull R. ROSS, 16, b. LA, dau
Harold E. ROSS, 14, b. LA, son

1930 Dallas, Texas
Precinct 7

Bernice E. PUTNAM, 35, b. LA, widowed
Vernie H. 15, b. LA
Thomas MOODY, 24, b. TN, son in law [m. 2 yrs.]
Lucille M., 18, b. LA, dau [m 2 yrs.]

Harold E. ROSS, 25, b. LA, both parents b. LA
Thelma V., 20, b. TX, wife
[NOTE: son of Eloise/ half brother to Bernice]


Mitchell N. SHEFFIELD, 70, b. TX, both parents b. LA
Nannie E., 59, b. TX
Flossie, 20, b. TX
[Mitchell is son of John P. & Tabitha (Cryer) SHEFFIELD
See Navarro county, TX piror to 1930
See Waller county, TX prior to 1910, by 1880
See Grimes county TX by 1870]

A few doors down:


Phillip KOCH, 62, b. Ohio, parents b. Germany
Eloise A., wife, 56, b. LA, dad b. LA, mom b. GA
Archie A. ORGERON, 37, b. LA, both parents b. LA [divorced]

**Notation states Eloise was first married at age 14


Edwin J. ROSS, 37, b. LA, dad b. LA, mom b. LA
Edna, wife,  35, b. MO, dad b. Canada, mom b. OH
Mary J., 6, b. TX, dad b. LA, mom b. MO

Also: M. Kyle ROSS, 19, [female], single,  b. LA, both par b. LA
Inmate in Virginia Johnson’s Female home

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