(John5, John4, John3, Robert2)

128. Moses6 Quimby (John5, John4, John3, Robert2), born September 29, 1755/7 at Kingston, New Hamsphire, married Hannah KENNEDY/CANADY, in 1780. He enlisted from Hampstead, New Hampshire in May of 1775, and served eight months in Captain Hezekiah Hutchins' Company, Colonel James Reed's New Hampshire Regiment and was in the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he was wounded in his shoulder. In 1776 he moved to Northumberland, Grafton county, New Hamsphire, later Coos county, and while living there he enlisted in April 1776, and served one year as a private in Captain Luther Richardson's Company, Colonel Timothy Bedel's Regiment. He removed to Lunenburgh, Essex county, Vermont in 1781, where he lived out his life. Hannah died about 1804, Moses6 is last found on the Census records in 1840, which is the year he died, he was listed as aged 84, Veteran, and blind.


I. Moses7 Quimby
, born 1780;
II. Benjamin7 Quimby
, born 1777, bapt. 1785;
III. Lida7 Quimby
, born June 13, 1781 at Lunenburgh,
 Shadrack ROUNDY

IV. John7 Quimby
, born May 3, 1783 at Lunenburgh;
V. Mary/Polly7 Quimby
, born January 1785 at Lunenburgh,
Harriett CHENEY,

VI. Hannah7 Quimby
, born February 28, 1787 at Lunenburgh;
VII. Marther7 Quimby
, born August 9, 1790 at Lunenburgh,
married Alanson HARTHSHORN;

VIII. Betsey7 Quimby
, born June 27, 1794 at Lunenburgh
married Shadrach ROUNDY;

IX. Rebecca7 Quimby
, born February, 1796 at Lunenburgh
Elizabeth COLBEIGH
William COLBEIGH ;

X. Roxanna7 Quimby
, born 1799 at Lunenburgh,
 Zenas SNOW,
Esther SNOW,
Annette SNOW,
Herbert SNOW,
Augusta SNOW,
Barzilla SNOW

XI. Esther7 Quimby,
born abt. 1799, Lunenburgh,
 Jonathan HOLBROOK

XII. Roswell7 Quimby
, born 1804, Lunenburgh.


Moses7 Quimby (Moses6, John5, John4, John3, Robert2), born 1780. No further information known.

Benjamin7 Quimby  
(Moses6, John5, John4, John3, Robert2), born 1777, baptized 1785, married Jane LAIN, daughter of Erastus LAIN. Benjamin7 was a teaceher, he moved out West with his sons and died in 1862.


I. John P.8 Quimby;
II. Justice B.8 Quimby;
III. Benjamin8 Quimby
, born about 1805, Vermont;
IV. Omar Alonzo8 Quimby,
born August 11, 1808 at Lunenburgh, VT;
V. Horace L.8 Quimby
, born about 1811, Lunenburgh, VT;
VI. Ebenezer Lain8 Quimby.

John7 Quimby
 (Moses6, John5, John4, John3, Robert2), born May 3, 1781 at Lunenburgh, Vermont, and removed to Machias, Washington county, Maine, by 1820, and lived out his years there. Married Hannah CLARK, daughter of  William and Sarah (Crocker) CLARK)


I. son8 Quimby,
born betwn. 1810-1820 [see 1820 census];
II. daughter8 Quimby,
born betwn. 1810-1820 [see 1820 census];
III. daughter8 Quimby
born betwn. 1820-1825 [see 1830 census];
IV. daughter8 Quimby
born betwn. 1820-1825 [see 1830 census];
V. Susan8 Quimby,
born 1830,

VI. Charles Ludlow8 Quimby, born 1832;
VII. Abner8 Quimby,
born 1837.

Roswell7 Quimby
(Moses6, John5, John4, John3, Robert2), born 1804, probably in Essex county, Vermont, per death record, his mother was named Polly, thus he is probably a grandson of Moses6, by either Mary/Polly7 Quimby or Moses7 Quimby, children of Moses6; and  married Sarah W. HUDSON.

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