Sons of
Asahel5 Quimby

[Asahel5, Robert4, John3. Robert2]

170. Elisha6 Quimby (Asahel5, Robert4, John3, Robert2), born February 15, 1763, Candia, New Hamsphire. Married June 7, 1796 to Mrs. Phebe KIMBALL at Bradford, Massachusetts. Enumerated in 1820 at Manchester, New Hampshire.


I. Elisha7 Quimby, born 1799.

~all born Salem, Mass.~

i. Anna Maria8 Quimby, born 1828;
ii. Elisha Hervey8 Quimby, born 1832
Rebecca FOSTER

iii. George Augustus8 Quimby, b. 1836, d. 1842;
iv. Samuel Foster8 Quimby, born March 16, 1840;
v. Ferdinand Page8 Quimby, b. 1843, d. 1851.

171. Bradbury6 Quimby (Asahel5, Robert4, John3, Robert2), born October 15, 1764 at Candia, New Hamsphire. Married December 18, 1788 Sarah "Shuah" SHACKFORD, daughter of John and Sarah (Dearborn) Shackford, and may have married secondly to Catherine J. GRAHAM. Enumerated in 1790 at Chester, New Hamsphire, with spouse only, by 1800 he is in Hampstead, and back Chester in 1810 and 1820. I find no further census listings for him after 1820.


I. Charlotte7 Quimby,
born May 25, 1800 at Chester, NH,
Capt. Noah WEEKS,
son of Wm. & Susannah (Haines) WEEKS

172. Harper6 Quimby
(Asahel5, Robert4, John3, Robert2), born January 14, 1774 at Candia, New Hampshire. Married, September 8, 1795 to Hannah THOMPSON, daughter of Jacob. They lived on Prescott Hill in the northwest part of Sanbornton. Harper was a Lieutenant in the Militia and he died November 20, 1815, aged 41 years of spotted fever. Hannah also died of spotted fever, the following day. Per his tombstone inscription he was the father of nine when he died.


I.  Asahel7 Quimby,
born June 20, 1797;
II. Erskine7 Quimby, born July 27, 1799;
III. Susannah7 Quimby, born August 30, 1801,
Jesse Merrill HANAFORD;

IV. Eliza7 Quimby, born Sept. 5, 1803,
V. Sally7 Quimby, born  May 17, 1805,
i. Nathaniel Head Wadleigh
ii. Harper Wadleigh8 Quimby
iii. Nancy Morrill Wadleigh
iv. Gerrish Wadleigh
v. Hiram Porter Wadleigh
vi. Gustavus Bartlett Wadleigh
vii. Fanny Wadleigh
viii. Sarah Jane Wadleigh
ix. Albert Prescott Wadleigh
x. Martha Ellen Wadleigh
xi. Clarissa Weeks Wadleigh
xii. George Eli Wadleigh

VI. Hannah7 Quimby, born May 2, 1807,
James R. SANBORN of Northfield;
VII.  Harper7 Quimby Jr., born February 22, 1809,
died of spotted fever Nov. 21, 1815,
"while they were burying his mother";
VIII. NancyP.7 Quimby, born March 2, 1811,
Nathaniel MORRILL;
IX. John Taylor Gilman7 Quimby, born February 24, 1813

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