Sons of Isaac5 Quimby

149e. I. Eleamus6 Quimby (Captain Isaac5, Eleazer4, John3, Robert2), born Virginia or North Carolina. Served in the Rev. War, enlisted May 4, 1776 for 2 and one half years. I find no further records of him afterwards.

See Colonial Records of Eleamus Quimby

149f. II. Jonas6 Quimby (Captain Isaac5, Eleazer4, John3, Robert2), born about 1743 in North Carolina or Virginia, died April 1792 in Wayne county, North Carolina. Married Sarah MOORE, (or possibly McKinnie).  Jonas6 is enumerated in Wayne county, North Carolina in 1790, after his death Sarah is found enumerated in 1800 in Guilford county, North Carolina and by 1810 son John is the the entry for the head of the household in Guilford county, son Jonas7 is enumerated back in Wayne county, North Carolina, and son Burwell7 has found his way to Tennessee, with the earliest entry being from Fentress county where he is recorded in legal actions within Fentress county, Tennessee..


I. Sallie7 Quimby*
,born about 1762,
married ?Thomas MUSGROVE, Jr.;
II. Judah7 Quimby*, born about 1770;
III.Tempie7 Quimby*, born about 1771
IV. Minerva A.7 Quimby*, born about 1773
married John HAYNES, Jr.;
IV. Sarah7 Quimby*
born about 1775, Wayne, NC,
VI. Anna/Annie7 Quimby
, born about 1780, Wayne, NC;
VII. Burwell B.7 Quimby
, born 1784;
VIII. Jonas S. Quimby
, born 1786;
IX. John7 Quimby;
X. Penelope7 Quimby
, born about 1788, Wayne, NC
married Thomas MUSGROVE.

[NOTE: * The first 5 daughters cited as children of Jonas Quimby may be from a previous marriage, and even possibly daughters of Eleamus who were later raised by his brother Jonas, due to his death; evidence is contradictory and incomplete at this time ~ Dee~]

III. Mary6 Quimby
(Captain Isaac5, Eleazer4, John3, Robert2) see detail of her family under Eleazer5 Quimby.

I don't know if this is the same Mary Quimby. But the one I know of was the daughter of Isaac Quimby of Boston. He was big in shipping. Her dates were 1745-1806-08. She married Isaac (also spelled Sewell and later Seawell). He was born ca. 1751. They had at least one son before leaving Boston and left the boy with Isaac Sowell Quimby who raised him as a Quimby. Isaac and Mary Quimby Sowell moved to Moore County, N.C. along with his brother. Story has it that they met in front of the courthouse in Carthage, N.C. and changed the spelling of the name. There are several variations. My grandmother was Lucy Seawell Fry. Both brothers had participated in the revolution and in the Boston Tea Party, and the name spelling came about to protect the family. If this cannot help you, maybe it will help someone else. I know nothing more of this Mary's ancestry. ~Judith Peele Frye~

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