Eleazer4 Quimby

Eleazer4 (John3, Robert2)

17. Eleazer4 Quimby (John3, Robert2), born May 13, 1691, at Salisbury, Massachusetts,  married Sarah SHARP, dau of William Sharp. Eleazer4 removed from New Hampshire/Mass. to Virginia and North Carolina. He died before Feb. 23, 1732 at Bertie, North Carolina. Oral histories from descendants of Eleazer4 state that he was in the Shipping business, with Triangle Trade, and based in Boston, Mass.


52a. I. Eleazer5 Quimby, born about 1720, possibly in Virginia;
        II. Sarah5 Quimby, born in Virginia;
III. Mary5 Quimby;

52b. IV. Captain Isaac5 Quimby, born about 1715;
52c. Enock5 Quimby, born about 1720.

see Colonial Records


52a. Eleazer5 Quimby (Eleazert4, John3, Robert2), born about 1720 Virginia or Bertie, North Carolina, died November 15, 1761 in Hertford, North Carolina, married Anne LASSITER/LASSITOR.


149b. I. Jesse6 Quimby, born about 1738, Hertford, North Carolina;
149c. II. Eleazer6 Quimby, born about 1740, North Carolina, mariner;
        III. Mary6 Quimby, born about 1742, Bertie, North Carolina, or Accomac, Virginia
married in 1762 at Cumberland, North Carolina  Isaac SOWELL,
son of Obediah & Mary (Raynor) SOWELL
in no specific order:
i. John SEWALL
, married Elizabeth CARPENTER;
ii. Margaret SEWELL, married Thomas RITTER;
iii. Dempsey SEWELL
, married Mary FURR;
iv. Winniford DEWELL
, married James SMITH;
v. William Abihue SEWELL
, married Sarah MUSE;
vi.  Jesse SEWELL
, married Nancy RITTER;
vii. Ann SEWELL
, married William BARRETT;
viii. Asa SEWELL
, md.1 Katie MUSE, md.2 Mary "Pollie" PHILLIPS;

[note: Mary6 is also cited as a daughter of Isaac Quimby 'of Boston']

         IV. Sarah6 Quimby, born about 1744 Moore, North Carolina, or Accomac, Virginia,
 married  James M. SIMMONS [also cited as Moses Adam SIMMONS];

149d. V. John6 Quimby, born about 1746, North Carolina,
died 1784 in Moore, North Carolina.

see Colonial Records

Isaac SOWELL, son of Obediah & Mary (Raynor) SOWELL, was born abt. 1740 in Bertie, North Carolina, and died November 25, 1782 in Charleston, South Carolina. Isaac served in the Revolutionary War as a Private, 2nd BM, North Carolina Regiment under Col. John Armstrong. Mary (Quimby) SOWELL, his wife, died after December 18, 1805 in Moore county, North Carolina.


52b. Captain Isaac5 Quimby (?Eleazer4, John3, Robert2), born about 1715, howver, no primary records have yet been located, he is mentioned by numerous oral family histories, he was reportedly involved in Triangle Trade Shipping, also based in Boston.


149e. I. Eleamus6 Quimby
149f. II. Jonas6 Quimby.


52c. Enock5 Quimby
(Elezzer4, John3, Robert2) born before 1720, and died April 9, 1741. Enock was a Virginian Colonist and another mariner. He served with the British, under Lawrence Washington (Half brother of George Washington)  in 1741,  in the Battle of Cartagena de Indias, during the "War of Jenkin's Ear", see service notes. A sad sidenote, of the 4,000 Virginian colonists who served under Washington, only 300 lived after this battle. Nothing further known at this time.

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