Jeremiah4 Quimby

Jeremiah4 (John3, Robert2)

16. Jeremiah4 Quimby (John3, Robert2), born August 24, 1689, died in 1744, married Hannah GEORGE, July 14, 1714 at Salisbury, she was dau of Samuel and Elizabeth (Frame) George.

47. I. Eliphalet5 Quimby, born 1717-24at Kingston, N. H.;
47a.II. John/Josiah5 Quimby, born 1723 at Kingston, N. H.;
48. III. Moses5 Quimby, born 1725 at Kingston, N. H.;
49. IV. Aaron5 Quimby, born 1727 at Kingston, N. H.;
50. V. Jacob5 Quimby, born 1728 at Kingston, N. H.;
51. VI. Jeremiah5 Quimby, born 1730 at Kingston, N. H.;
52. VII. Tristram5 Quimby, born 1732.


47. Eliphalet5 Quimby (Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2), born 1717-24, married Mary JUEL/JEWEL, most probably the daughter of Joseph and Anna (Quimby) JEWEL. Eliphalet5 served in Capt. LIGHT's company under Major Ezekiel GILMAN, Captains Trueworthy and Daniel LADD in the Louisbourg Expedition of 1745, from Exeter and in the Siege of Louisbourg in 1758, soldier in French and Indian Wars.


135. I. Andrew6 Quimby, born October 14, 1750 at Kingston, N. H.;
136. II. Jonathan6 Quimby, born August 15, 1753 at Kingston, N. H.;
137. III. Daniel6 Quimby, born September 9, 1755 at Kingston, N. H.;


IV. Mary6 Quimby
, born December 3, 1747 at Kingston, N. H.;
V. Mary6 Quimby, born November 27, 1750 at Kingston, N. H..

47a. John/Josiah5 Quimby (Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2), born  about 1723 an died between 1790 and 1800 in Goffstown, New Hampshire. John married Lydia GEORGE (note: submitted data does not include date or location of marriage - primary documentation would be greatly apprecaited ~Dee~)The 1790 census shows John5 Quimby living in Goffstown, with 2 males over 16, 2 males under 10 and 3 females, by 1800 the household is headed by Widow Lydia Quimby aged 26-44, with one male aged 16-25, one male under 10 and one female aged 10 to 15. The 1810 census shows Lydia living with son John6 Quimby who is aged 26 to 45, also with 2 males under 10, one female over 45, one female aged 16 to 26 and one female under 10. The 1830 census indicates John6 Quimby and family are still in Goffstown, but it is not clear if Lydia is still living or not.


138. I. Jonathan6 Quimby, born 1760.
138a. II.  Amos6 Quimby, born about 1778 at Wiscassett, Me.
138b. III. David6 Quimby.
138c. IV.  John6 Quimby
born btwn. 1780 and 1784;
V. Elizabeth6 Quimby
 James MOODY, 1792 at Wakefield, NH.

48. Moses5 Quimby (Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2), born April 13, 1725 at Kingston, N. H., married, June 5, 1754 at Kingston, Judith/Judah BEAN, dau of Samuel &  Mary (Buzzell) Bean. Moses5 had no sons, but many daughters, and served in the Revolutionary War. He removed from Kingston to Danville and later settled in Sutton, N. H., where he died in 1797, aged 84 and is buried in the South Sutton Cemetery. Mrs. Quimby was "a skillfull and effecient as a physician" for many years, shed died in 1817, aged 85.


     I. Jean6 Quimby, born August 7, 1755 at Kingston;
     II. Elizabeth6 Quimby, born July 4, 1757 at Kingston,
[Elizabeth "dropped dead in the middle of the road while a young woman"];
     III. Hannah6 Quimby, born October 19, 1759 at Danville,
married Phillip NELSON;

     IV. Mary6 Quimby, born September 17, 1761 at Danville;
     V. Sarah6 Quimby, born May 31, 1765 at Danville,
~married in 1786~
 Daniel ANDREWS;

     VI. Judith6 Quimby, born December 25, 1768 at Danville;
     VII. Polly6 Quimby, born 1770 at Danville,
in 1798~

     VIII. Dorothy/Dolly6 Quimby, born January 10, 1771 at Danville,
  Jacob BEAN;

     IX. Rhoda6 Quimby, born about 1773 at Danville.

49. Aaron5 Quimby (Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2), born 1727 at Kingston, N.H., died May 1, 1804 at Hawke. Aaron5 married first October 8, 1753 to Anna BATCHELDER, dau of Francis and Mary (Blake) Batchelder; he married second to Mary TOWLE, August 2, 1760.


139a. I. Joseph6 Quimby, born 1757 at Hampstead, N. H.;
139. II. Elisha6 Quimby, born 1 May 1767;
139b. III. James6 Quimby, born 5 April 1772 at Hawke, NH;
140. IV. Aaron6 Quimby, born about 1777;
      IV. Hannah6 Quimby, born March 30, 1753 at Kingston,
 Moody SMITH;

      V. Sarah6 Quimby, born 1755 at Hampstead,
~married  in 1776~
 Stephen CLIFFORD at Hawke;

      VI. Unes6 Quimby, born April 2, 1756 at Kingston,
~married in 1777~
 David TILTON at Hawke;

      VII. Rebecca6 Quimby, born October 2, 1761 at Danville,
~married in 1788~
 Benjamin PAGE;

      VIII. Ziporrah6 Quimby, born March 8, 1763 at Danville, died December 1791;
      IX. Joanna6 Quimby, baptized May 6, 1764 at Danville;
      X. Lucy6 Quimby, baptized 1769 at Danville;
      XI. Mary6 Quimby, baptized 1771 at Danville,
~married in1790~
 Benjamin BROWN of Cornish, Vermont.

50. Jacob5 Quimby (Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2), born 1728 at Kingston, New Hampshire, married December 5, 1750 Miriam FLANDERS in Kingston, removed to Hampstead. Jacob5 was a New Hampshire Soldier in 1755 under Captain Jos. Eastman, Col. Jos. Blanchard.


141. I. Stephen6 Quimby
, born about 1754;
142. II. Jacob6 Quimby, born 1760;
143. III. William Dyer6 Quimby, born about 1750;
        IV. Miriam7 Quimby, born December 18, 1751 at Kingston,
~married in 1769~
 Stephen EASTMAN.

V. Argenster8 Quimby, born 1769
[she is living in the household of Philip D.8 Quimby at Kingston in 1850, aged 81]

51. Jeremiah5 Quimby (Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2), born 1729, died 1809 New Chester (Hill), N. H., married Lydia CHANDLER in 1755 at Kingston, N. H.


144. I. Jeremiah6 Quimby born before 1765;
145. II. Henry6 Quimby baptized October 4, 1767 at Hawke;
146. III. Jacob6 Quimby born between 1780-1789;
146a.IV. Aaron6 Quimby, baptized June 3, 1770 at Hawke;
147. V. Ephraim6 Quimby, born September 28, 1773;
VI. Mary6 Quimby, born June 6, 1756 at Hawke;
       VII. Jemima6 Quimby, born October 9, 1757 at Hill, N. H.
       VIII. Rhoda6 Quimby, baptized 1765 at Hawke,
Peter LADD,
Jeremiah Quimby LADD
 who married
who had daughter:
 Julia Ann LADD
 who married Hiram TILTON
the son of Sherburn and Sally (QUIMBY) TILTON]

        IX. Jemima6 Quimby, baptized 1770 at Hawke

52. Tristram5 Quimby (Jeremiah4, John3, Robert2), born 1732, died in 1813, and married November 27, 1752 at Kingston, Susannah BLAISDELL, dau of Enoch and Mary (Satterlee) Blaisdell, she born 1737 at Amesbury and died 1765. His children were born at Kingston, later he removed to Salisbury, N. H.


148. I. Daniel6 Quimby, born November 3, 1755 at Kingston, N. H.;
149. II. Eliphalet6 Quimby, born May 11, 1758 at Kingston, N. H.;
149a.III. Jonathan6 Quimby, born 1755, died 1784;
        IV. Mary6 Quimby, born December 7, 1754 at Kingston;
        V. Hannah6 Quimby, born January 4, 1761;
        VI. Susannah6 Quimby, born December 12, 1762;
        VII. Betty6 Quimby, born February 25, 1765 at Kingston.


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